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Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Gavin Berkenheger, has congratulated all workers and volunteers assisting with the COVID-19 vaccination programme from the Butt to Barra.

Gavin said: “The coverage and speed of delivery of the COVID-19 vaccinations in the Outer Hebrides has been nothing short of spectacular.

“A massive thanks has to be expressed to all NHS and social care staff, as well as local volunteers who have assisted with these efforts.”

NHS Western Isles have now advertised all those at 35 and upwards to get in touch and make an appointment for their COVID-19 vaccine.

Mr Berkenheger concluded: “The UK is among a group of countries leading the way in rolling out its vaccination programme to its population in percentage terms.

“The fact that the UK was able to place the biggest order of vaccines in Europe, and be the first country to deploy vaccines, highlights the benefits of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom.

“Had we listened to SNP politicians who told us to remain tied to the European Medicines Agency, we could be much further behind.”

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