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1. The Isle of Lewis and Harris. A Study in British Community by Arthur Geddes.  The book is in two parts with 11 Chapters, Appendices and Plates. Part One: Island, Work and People. Part Two: Community From Past to Present. Appendices Include; Economic Statistics of Lewis and Harris, Recent Statistics, The Stornoway Trust: A Communal Opportunity, The Lewis Association, Selected Bibliography, Index. 340 Pages. £45

2. The Going Down of the Sun. The Great War and a Rural Lewis Community. The Story of the Great War between Ness and Ballantrushal. H.B. Published in 2014. Probably the most comprehensive history ever written about WW1 and a Rural Island Community. Contents: The Roll Call, Chronology of the Great War, The loss of the Iolaire, I was There, At Home, Writing Home, The Memorial, The Fortune of War, Roll of Honour. Every individual from the District who fought in the War is profiled in this book along with their photo.  416 Pages. £20 

3. The Man Who Went To Farr. Patrick Sellar and the Sutherland Experiment by J.G. Leith. P.B. Published in 2010. 7 Chapters and a Bibliography. Contents: The Scene of the Crime, The Sutherland Experiment, Sellar’s C.V, Let Battle Commence, Upon Reflection, Guilty By Association, The Legacy, Bibliography. 158 Pages. £10

4.Fighting Highlanders. The History of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders by P.J.R. Mileham. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. 5 chapters, Bibliography, Index and Maps. Contents: The Cape and Peninsula, The Last Clan Regiment, Garrisoning the Empire, From the Crimea to Lucknow, The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1881-1914. 187 Pages. £15

5. Dutchas Nan Gaidheal. Selected Essays of John Macinnes Edited by Michael Newton. P.B. Published in 2006. The book contains an introduction, Biographical Sketch, A List of Published Works and Archival Recordings. The Book is in 3 Parts: Essays on Local History and Local and Family Tradition, Essays on Literature, Song and Dance, Essays on Belief Systems and World View. Glossary of Uncommon Gaelic Words, Bibliography, Notes, General Index, Index of Titles and First Lines. 552 Pages. £15

6. ‘More Fruitful than the Soil’ Army, Empire and the Scottish Highlands 1715-1815 by Andrew Mackillop. P.b. Published in 2000. 7 Chapters: The Emergence of a British Highland Military, Imperial Specialisation, The Annexed Estates, The Campbells of Breadalbane, Military Recruiting and the Highland Estate Economy, The Military and Highland Emigration, Military Service and British Identity, Conclusion, Appendices, Bibliography and Index. 290 Pages. £15

7. Robert Burns The Complete Works and Letters. Masonic Edition. Introduction by William Harvey, Oration by The Earl of Rosebery and Midlothian, A Short life of Burns by Robert Ford, Introduction to the Letters by R.W. Mackenna. H.B. Date of Publishing Unknown. Also Includes Notes and a Glossary. 335 Pages. £25

8. Prince Charlie (de jure Charles IIII, King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland) By Compton Mackenzie. H.B. Date of Printing Unknown. 12 Chapters, Author’s Note, Prologue, Epilogue, Bibliography and Index. 151 Pages. £15

9.The North Wind of Love Being Book V Of The Four Winds of Love by Compton Mackenzie. H.B. Published in 1944. 311 Pages. £15

10. One for the Pot. The Laird, The Keeper, The Law, The Poacher… & The Red Deer of the Scottish Highlands. Compiled and Written by Dr Ian Richardson. P.B. Published in May 1999, this reprint is from October 1999. 23 Chapters, Epilogue, Acknowledgements, The Laggan Community. Includes Photographs. 116 Pages. £8

11. Two Years With the Pied Piper of Hameln. National Service on the Weser by Ian Cameron. P.B. Published in 2011. 39 Chapters, which records snippets from the author’s diaries which he kept of his two years doing National Service. Includes Photographs. 184 Pages. £8

12.The Royal Burgh of Inveraray by Alexander Fraser. P.B. Published in 1977. Contents: The Burgh Of Inveraray, The Old Town, The New Town, The Churches, Inveraray Grammar School, Other Schools. Includes Photographs. 224 Pages. £8 

13.Ferry Tales of Argyll and the Isles by Walter Weyndling. P.B. Originally Published in 1996, this revised and expanded edition is from 2007. 17 Chapters. Glossary, Written Sources, Index and Photographs. 161 Pages. £8

14.Away With The Ferries By Stuart Craig. Ferry tales from ten years of Island Hopping. Ten Chapters which covers the years 1989 -1998. 182 Pages, includes photographs and appendices. £8

15. Travels in the Scottish Islands by Kirsti MacDonald Jareg. The Hebrides. P.B. Published in 2016. The Book is in 2 parts; Part One Deals with the Inner Hebrides and Part Two deals with the Outer Hebrides. In this book the author skillfully weaves threads from  a rich historical past with her observant, humorous and personal account of a colourful, but challenging present. 236 Pages. £8

16. Crotal & White. Scenes From a Hebridean Boyhood by Finlay J. Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1983. 1stEdition. 14 Chapters. 172 Pages. £6

17. Adventures of Aileach. The Story of a West Highland Galley by Wallace Clark. This is the story of the first galley to sail the West Highlands in 300 years. She was launched in 1991. Booklet, 12 Pages. Which includes Photographs. £8

18.Bare Feet & Tackety Boots. A Boyhood on the Island of Rum by Archie Cameron. P.B. Originally printed in 1988, this reprint is from 2004. 12 Chapters and Postscript. 141 Pages. £8

19. Wanted Donald Morrison. The True Story of the Megantic Outlaw by Clarke Wallace. Morrison’s family came from Barvas on the Island of Lewis and emigrated to Quebec in 1838. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. Slight tear on D/J back page.  Contents: Homecoming, Showdown, Outlaw, The Chase, Captive, Epilogue. Includes many photographs. 221 Pages. £15

20. Kenny’s Bairns by Marigold Stewart. The true story of one of eight children brought up on a seven and a half acre croft in the small hamlet of Sarclet, near Wick, Caithness, and who were known as Kenny’s Bairns. P.B. Published in 2011. 49 Chapters, Poem, Glossary and Appendices. Includes Photographs. 117 Pages. £10

21. St Kilda A European Opera. The Programme for a Major international music theatre production to be performed in five European countries simultaneously on 22 and 23 June 2007. A4 Size Booklet in colour. 32 Pages. £10

22. Birds of St Kilda. Institute of Terrestrial Ecology. By MP Harris & S Murray.A4 Size Publication. Originally Published in 1978, this reprint is from 1989. Contents: Introduction, The Development of Ornithology on St Kilda, Conclusions -Systematic List, References, Alphabet Lists of Bird Species. 46 Pages. £10

23. Map of St Kilda which gives the names of all the places on the Island. Names are in Gaelic. £15

24. St Kilda Revisted by David A. Quine. P.B Originally Published in 1982, this reprint is from 1983. 6 chapters. Contents: The Visitors Book, For the Geographer, For the Archaeologist, For the Historian, For the Naturalist, For Today’s Visitors, Appendixes and Bibliography. 230 Pages. £10

25. St Kilda and other Hebridean Outliers by Francis Thomson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1970. 7 Chapters, Appendixes, Bibliography, Acknowledgements and Index. Includes Photographs. 220 Pages. £10 

26. The Prisoner of St Kilda. The true story of the unfortunate Lady Grange by Margaret Macaulay. P.B. Originally Published in 2009, this reprint is from 2010. 21 Chapters. 190 Pages. £6

27. George Murray A Schoolteacher for St Kilda  1886-87. by Maureen Kerr.  The book is in two parts. Part One: George Murray’s Story. Part Two: The St Kilda Diary, 1886-87. 110 Pages. £8

28. Hebridean Island. Memories of Scarp Angus Duncan (1888-1971) Edited by A. Duncan. H.B With D/J Published in 1995. The author. Angus Duncan. Born in South Harris in 1888, was brought up on Scarp, where his father was an influential schoolmaster.  30 Chapters, Biographical Notes, Acknowledgements, Maps and Illustrations, Appendix Notes, Bibliography, Index. 218 Pages which includes photographs. £10

29. The Falkland Islands by Ian J. Strange. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972. 1st Edition. Contents: Geographical features, Administration, History, Agriculture, Communications, The People, Fisheries, Natural History, The Future. Also has Bibliography, Acknowledgements and Illustrations. Ex Library. £10 

30. Islands in the Sound. Wildlife in the Hebrides by Alison Johnson. Illustrations by John Busby. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. 16 Chapters and Afterword. 191 Pages. £10 

31. Antarctica and the South Atlantic. Discovery, Development and Dispute by Robert Fox. H.B. With D/J Published in 1985. 1st Edition. Part One: With Endurance to Antarctica. Part Two: The Falklands Dimension. Includes Illustrations. 336 Pages. Ex Library. £8

32.The Windswept Isles ‘Shetland & Its People’ By Elizabeth Balneaves. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 1st Edition. 23 Chapters, Glossary, Selected Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 328 Pages. £10

33. Rona The Distant Isle by Michael Robson. The most comprehensive book ever written about the Island. Contents: An Older World, Tenants and Crofting, Visitors Days, Affections of the Ness People. References and Notes, Rona, Place Names of Rona, Map of Rona. Includes Photographs. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. 1st Edition.  179 Pages £12

34. Go Listen to the Crofters by A.D. Cameron. The Napier Commission and Crofting a Century Ago. P.B. Published in 1986. 1st Edition. 16 Chapters, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 132 Pages. £8 Ex Library.

35.No Great Mischief if you Fall. The Highland Experience by John Macleod. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. 16 Chapters and Includes many Photographs. 240 Pages. £8

36.   Scotscape. Lore, Legends and Customs of Scotland. Edited by Ian D. Hendry and Graham Stephen. Contents: Festivals and Customs, Mixter-Maxter -a Miscellany of Scottish Poems, Rhymes, Riddles, an’ Rinnin’ Aboot, Fairs and Markets, Young Scots Write, Legends and Folklore, Ballads and Folk Songs, Proverbs and Sayings, Mini dictionary of Scots words and phrases, Further Reading. P.B. Published in 1978. 108 Pages. £8

37.Cookbook Real Food Recipes Using Scottish Produce. P.B. With Ring Binding. Contents: Soups, Starters, Snacks and Savoury Sauces, Fish, Poultry and Game, Pork, Beef and Lamb, Vegetables, Sweets, Baking and Preserves, Handy Hints and Other Miscellany. 98 Pages. £8

38.The Long Way Home. The Other Great Escape by John McCallum. The author signed up as a Supplementary Reservist in the Royal Corps of Signals in 1939. Sent to the Stalag VIIIB prison camp, along with others they planned their escape. Now, due to the declassification of documents under the Official Secrets Act, John McCallum is finally able the thrilling story of his adventure. P.B. Originally Published in 2005. This reprint is from 2007. 46 Chapters, 138 Pages. £6

39.       Macpherson’s Pocket Guide to the Isle of Skye, Lochalsh and the Outer Hebrides. Twentieth Edition.By Duncan Macpherson. With Foreword by J.M. Macpherson. 160  Pages. Printed in 1952. £15

40.Scotland Western Highlands and Islands. MacBraynes Royal Mail Services 1959. Timetables, Maps, Photos, Lists of Day Excursions, etc. £10

41. Scotland Western Highlands and Islands. MacBraynes Royal Mail Services 1960. Timetables, Maps, Photos, Lists of Day Excursions, etc. £10

42. Selkirk Official Guide. Published by the Authority of the Selkirk Town Council. Contents include; The Royal Burgh, Civic Affairs, Places of Public Worship, A Local Museum, Sport and Recreation, The Land of Romance, Industry, General Information, Street Plan of Selkirk. 48 Pages. £10

43. Fair Isle School 1878-1978. Booklet, printed in 1978Contents include; extracts from the school log 1878-1978, former pupils and teachers reminiscences. 48 Pages. £ 

44. Islay The Official Guide. Fifth Edition. Published by the Authority of Islay District Council. 34 Pages of text, photos and adverts. £8

45.Hugh Miller -The Cromarty Stonemason. By Charles D. Waterston Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents: Guide to the Birthplace, Cromarty the Birthplace, Lad O’Pairts, Achievements in Letters, Achievements in Geology, Bibliography. 31 Pages. £8

46. Dalmally and the Glens by Mary McGrigor. Booklet, printed in 1993. 7 chapters, Photographs and Maps. 47 Pages. £ 

47. Valentines Snapshots. 12 Photographs Skye, Set A. Pocket Size Publication. Date of Printing unknown. £15

48. Biggar Lanarkshire. The Official Guide. Booklet, 20 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £8

49. The Foam Upon the Water. A Sermon For the New Year by the Rev George Barclay. U.F. Church Dunscore. Booklet, printed in 1875. 16 Pages. £10

50. See the Bens and the Glens and other scenic features between Fort William and Mallaig from the Streamlined Observation Car. Summer Season. British Railways. Pamphlet. 4 Pages. £6


51. Achray Forest Drive. A Forestry Commission Pamphlet. Map of the area and details of the drive. Date of printing unknown. £5


52.MacBraynes Scotland. Western Highlands & Islands. MacBraynes Royal Mail Services. Pamphlet, no date given. Gives a list of Steamer Routes and Motor Coach Services. £5


53. MacBraynes Royal Mail Services to the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Season 1955. Gives a list of timetables, prices, etc. £10


54. Treasure Islands. Scotlands Western Highlands and Islands by MacBraynes Season 1956. Timetables, Photos, Lists of Day Excursions etc. £10


55.MacBraynes for Scotland’s Western Highlands and Islands. Enchanted Islands 1957 Season. Timetables, Photos, Lists of Day Excursions, etc. £10


56. MacBraynes Day Excursions for Scotland’s Western Highlands and Islands. Enchanted Isles 1958 Season. Timetables, Photos, Lists of day Excursions, etc. £10


57. God’s Sovereignty in the Lives of Twin Brothers and Kanousky. A Story of an Indian Boy who was Found As a Wandering Sheep by the Good Shepherd Christ Jesus. Fourth Edition 1969 by Rev J Van Zweden, Rock Valley, Iowa. Booklet, printed in 1969.Contents: God’s Sovereignty in the Lives of Twin Brothers, Kanousky. 90 Pages. £6


58.From Friar to Freedom in Christ. Rev Hugh Farrell Formerly Fr. Hugh O.C.D of the Roman Catholic Church. Booklet, originally printed in September 1961, this fourth Edition is from December 1963. 18 Pages. £6


59. The Forgotten Spurgeon by Ian Murray. P.B. Published in 1966, this reprint is from 1973. 10 Chapters, Appendix and Illustrations. 249 Pages. £5


60. The Cross in the Experience of Our Lord by R.A. Finlayson. P.B. Originally Published in 1955, this reprint is from 1993. Introduction and 5 Sermons. 96 Pages. £5


61. A Highland History by the Earl of Cromartie. H.B Published in 1979. 1st Edition. 21 Chapters, Illustrations, Maps and Appendixes. 345 Pages. £25


62. A Highlander Looks Back by Angus Macpherson. H.B. Published in the early 1960’s. 22 Chapters and Illustrations.84 Pages. £45


63. The Story of Tartan. A Pamphlet by An Comunn Gaidhealach. No 7 of a series. 8 Pages. Printed in 1967. £6


64. Old Inverness in Pictures. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. A collection of pictures of the Royal Burgh of Inverness from about 1840 to the official end of the Royal Burgh in 1975. 220 unique and fascinating photographs in total. Edited by Lorraine Maclean of Dochgarroch. Over 100 pages. £10


65.Calum’s Road by Roger Hutchinson. P.B. Published in 2006, this edition is from 2008. The story of a determind man who built a raod on his native island with a pick, shovel and wheelbarrow. A powerful symbol of one man’s defiance against the erosion of his native culture. 6 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography and Photographs. 184 Pages. £6


66. Columba The Celtic Dove. The prophetic and Supernatural ministry of Columba of Iona A.D. 521-ad. 597. Edited by Kathie Walters. P.B. Published in 1999. Part One: Prophetic Gift, Part Two: Miracles, Part Three: Angels. 90 Pages. £6


67. Highland Butterflies a provisional atlas. By Jimmy Stewart, David Barbbour and Stephen Moran. Booklet, printed in 1998. Contents: Acknowledgements, Introduction, Check List of Highland Butterflies, Explanation of the Maps and other species information, Maps of records received, The Maps, Index to Species maps, References and Further Reading and Useful Addresses. 74 Pages. £6


68. Whaling Thoughts Recalled. ‘a way of life’by Tom Gordon. P.B. Published in 1990’s.  43 Chapters and many photographs. 176 Pages. Signed by the author. £8


69. Fonn’s Dutchas. Land and Legacy Feasturing a Narrative Essay by James Hunter. The Scottish Highlands A Contested Country. P.B. Published in 2006. Part One: The Scottish Highlands A Contested Country. Part Two: Land and Legacy. The Essays are in English and Gaelic. Includes Photographs. 121 Pages. £6


70. The Lands of the Lordship. The Romance of Islay Names. Domhnall Mac Eacharna. P.B. Published in 1976. 9 Chapters and Index of Names. 124 Pages. £10


71. Polly The True Story Behind Whisky Galore by Roger Hutchinson. Foreword by Derek Cooper. P.B. Published in 1990. This reprint is from 2003. The story of an 8,000 ton cargo ship loaded with Whisky which ran aground in the beautiful and treachourous seas of the Outer Hebrides early on a wartime winter’s morning in 1941.Eight Chapters, Postscript, Bibliography and Index. 155Pages. Which includes Photographs. £6


72.Goodbye Mr Dixon by Iain Crichton Smith. H.B. Published in 1974. 1st Edition. A Novel 208 Pages. Ex Library. £6


73. Yesterday’s Child by Christina Morrison. The author began her working life at the Town Clerk’s Office in Inverness. Just before WW2 she joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, where she worked in the Military Intelligence at Whitehall decoding top secret messages for Churchill’s Government. P.B. Published in 2016. Part One: Growing Up in Inverness. Part Two: Going to War. 160 Pages. £6


74. An Iona Anthology by F. Marian McNeill. H.B. With D/J Published in 1947, this reprint is from 1952. Contents: Approach to Iona, The Setting, St Columba, The Columban Church and After,Runes, Invocations and Prayers, Legends and Dreams, Impressions and Tributes, Round the Island, Reilig Odhrain, Epilogue. 128 Pages. £8


75. Island on the Edge. A Life on Soay by Anne Cholawo. P.B. Published in 2016. The book is in three parts and has 26 Chapters, and a Postscript. Includes Photographs. 251 Pages. £10


76. Iron Roads to the Isles. A Travellers  & Tourists Souvenir Guide to the West Highland Lines by Michael Pearson. P.B. Published in 2009. Third Edition. 47 Pages of Text and Photographs. £8


77. Last of The Free. A Millenial History of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland By James Hunter. This book is a ground breaking and definitive account of how the Highlands and Islands of Scotland evolved into the way they are today. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999. 9 Chapters, Maps, Conclusion, References, Bibliography, Index. Includes Photographs. 416 Pages. £8 (Signed by the Author)


78.Highland Birds. Pamphlet 1 of a Series. Coloured Pamphlet by George Philip In Association with the Highlands and Islands Development Board.Desmond Nethersole Thompson introduces many of the species peculiar to the area. Many species found in the area mapped and illustrated in full colour with notes on how and where to observe them. No date of printing given.  £8


79. Highland Life. Pamphlet 4 in the Series. George Philip in Association with the Highlands and Islands Development Board. Allan Campbell Maclean provides much useful and varied information on many aspects of Highland Life from the time of the 1745 Rebellion to the present day. Date of Printing unknown. £8


80. Hebridean Memories by Seton Gordon. Foreword by Arthur  W Ferguson. P.B. Published in 2011. Originally Published in 1923. Contents: Spring Memories, Summer Memories, Autumn, Winter and Other Memories, Some Birds of the Hebrides. 131 Pages. £8


81. George Mackay Brown The Life by Maggie Ferguson. A Biography on one of Scotland’s greatest writers of the Twentieth Century. H.B. With D/J Published in 2006. 18 Chapters, Notes, Acknowledgements, Index. Includes Photographs. 363 Pages. £8


82. Nightmare at Scapa Flow by H.J. Weaver. The truth about the sinking of the Royal Oak. P.B. Published in 1980, this reprint is from 2008. 10 Chapters, Illustrations, Glossary, and 3 Appendixes. 169 Pages. £6


83. Roads to the Isles. A Guidebook to Scotland’s Far West Including the Regions of Fort William, Morar, Moidart, Morvern, Ardnamurchan. By Tom Atkinson. P.B Originally Published in 1983, this second Edition is from 1984. Contents: Introduction, Summary of Tours, Fort William, Morar and Mallaig, Morvern, Strontian, Acharacle & Moidart, Ardnamurchan. 108 Pages. £8


84. Discovering Speyside by Francis Thompson. P.B. Published in 1990. Ten Chapters, 3 Appendixes and Index. 184 Pages. £8


85. The Hebrides at War by Mike Hughes. P.B. Originally Published in 2001, this reprint is from 2014. Over many years of dedicated research the author has brought together both the photographs and the memories of the men and women who served and lived in Oban and the Hebrides during World War Two. 9 Chapters, 3 Appendixes, Conclusion, Glossary, Acknowledgements. Includes many photographs. 120 Pages. £8


86. The Cabinet Album Views of Perthshire.  H.B. 20 Photographs in total. Date of printing unknown. £10


87. The Island Blackhouse. And a guide to ‘The Blackhouse’ No 42, Arnol by Alexander Fenton. A Historic Scotland Publication. Booklet, originally published in 1978, this edition is from 1992. Contents: Preface, The blackhouse at 42 Arnol, Blackhouses on the west side of Lewis, Change and conservatism, the village of Arnol, the economic pattern, crofting tenure, Sources. 44 Pages. £6


88. A Boy’s Own Oily Adventure by Brian Page. P.B. Published in 2009. The book is in Three Parts. Part One: Offshore Again, Part Two: Onshore Activities, Part Three: Foreign Parts.  228 Pages which includes Photographs. £6


89. Highlanders A History of the Gaels by John Macleod.  H.B. With D/J Published in 1996. In an informative, funny and often controversial study, award winning journalist John Macleod unfolds the history of the land and the people of the isles and glens of the Highlands of Scotland as never before. 12 Chapters and Bibliography. Includes Illustrations. 372 Pages. £8


90.Arbuthnott House Near Laurencekirk Kincardinshire. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 13 Pages. £6


91. Scone Palace. The Home of the Earls of Mansfield. Booklet, date of printing unknown.  24 Pages of text and Photos. £6


92.Gordon District Guide. Booklet, date of printing unknown. Contents include; Towns and Villages, Places to Visit, Agriculture, Communications for Business and Leisure, Woodland, Education. Includes Maps and a bit about each village. 96 Pages of Text and Photographs. £6


93.A Short History of Abernethy by Christina Cameron. Compiled from Existing Records. Booklet, printed in 2000. 31 Pages, which includes photographs. £6


94. Kenmore and Loch Tay by Hilary Wheater. Illustrations by Peter Bourne. Cartography by Richard Wheater. Booklet, printed in 1982. 39 Pages and includes The Genealogy of the Campbells of Breadalbane. £8


95.Maxton by Gordon Brown. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. Section 1: Socialist in the Making. Section 2. Socialism Into Parliament. Section 3: Socialism in our Time. Section 4: Socialism in Retreat. Notes, Index and Photographs. 336 Pages. £6


96. Highland Days by Tom Weir. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. Includes thirty one photographs by the Author.  20 Chapters, Epilogue. 147 Pages. £8


97. A Natural Tapestry. The Hebrides by J.M. Boyd & I.L. Boyd. P.B. Published in 1996. Contents: Geology, Climate and Hydrography, Soils, Life in the Sea, The Sea Shore, Sand Dunes and Machair, Crofts  and Farms, Woodlands, Moor and Hill, Inland Waters, Epilogue, Bibliography, Index. 208 Pages. Which includes Photographs. £8


98.Ancient Lewis and Harris. Exploring the Archaeology of the Outer Hebrides. A Visitor’s Guide to the historic sites and monuments of Lewis and Harris. By Christopher Burgess with contributions by Carol Knott and Mary Macleod. P.B. Published in 2008.Contents: Lewis and Harris 8000 BC to the Present, A Gazetteer of Sites and Monuments in North Lewis, West Lewis, East Lewis, Harris, Offshore Islands, Further Reading. 96 Pages. £8


99. Islands by John Fowles. Photography by Fay Godwin. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 107 Pages. £8


100.A Mosaic of Islands by Kenneth Williamson and J. Morton Boyd. H.B. With D/J Published in 1963. 1st Edition. Contents: Faeroe Island Days, A Mosaic of Islands, Rhum The Research Island, In Search of Seal Islands, North Rona, Hirta or St Kilda, Boreray of St Kilda, Appendix, References, Index.Includes Photographs. 187 Pages. £15


101. Cnoc Chusbaig. Orain agus Dain Uilleam MacChoinnich, Leodhas. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1982. 8 Orain uile gu leir. 48 Duilleag. £8


102. Sguaban Eorna le Domhnall Iain MacDhomhnuill.  Bardachd Gaidhlig is Dain. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh  ann an 1973. 46 Orain is Dain. 151 Duilleag. £8


102. Orain Luaidh Mairi Nighean Alasdair. Air an Cruinneachadh le K.C. Craig. H.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1949. 124 Duilleag. £10


103. Sraidean is Sleibhtean. Sgeulachdan le Iain Macleoid. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1971. 14 Sgeulachdan uile gu leir. 70 Duilleagan. £6


104. Eimhir. Sorley Maclean & Iain Crichton  Smith. With an introduction by Professor Donald Meek. P.B. Published in 1999. Maclean’s Gaelic Poems are Translated into English in this publication by Crichton Smith. 116 Pages. £6


105. Am Bard. Orain, Sgriobhaidhean agus Litrichean Bard Thurnaig (Alasdair Camshron) Air an deasachadh agus air an cur  a mach le Iain MacAlasdair Moffatt-Pender.  H.B. Le D/J Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1926.  5 Piosan Rosg, 25 Piosan Bardachd, agus 1 Litir. Le Dealbhan. 232 Duilleagan. £25


106. Orain Red. Coinneach Macleoid Coinneach Ruadh Choinnich Ruaidh a Pabail ann an Eilean Leodhais. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1998. Cunntas mu beatha a Bhard. 56 Duilleag. £8


107. Grian Is Uisge le Domhnall Iain MacIomhair.  Leabhar de sgeulachdan goirid. 20 uile gu leir. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1991. 66 Duilleag. £6


108. Domhnall Ruadh Choruna. Orain is Dain le Domhnall Domhnallach a Uibhist a Tuath. H.B. Le D/J Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1969. Cunntas mu beatha a Bhard le Seonaidh Ailig Mac a’ Phearsain. 57 Dain uile gu leir. 101 Duilleag. £20


108. Domhnall Ruadh Choruna. Orain is Dain le Domhnall Domhnallach a Uibhist a Tuath. Air a Dheasachadh le Fred Macamhlaidh. P.B. Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1995. Cunntas mu bheatha agus Sinnsireachd a Bhard. 3 piosan Rosg cuideachd agus da phios bardachd mar chuimhneachan air Domhnall Ruaidh. 61 Piosan bardachd agus tha’d cuideachd air an eadar theangachadh gu beurla. Dealbhan anns a Leabhar. 199 Duilleag. £12


109.Rannan A Eilean Na H-Oige. Domhnall MacDhomhnaill (Domhnall Eirisgeach) P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1981. 13 Dain. 63 Duilleag. £6


110. Amhrain Anna Sheumais. 26 Orain le fonn.  Laebharann, 26 Duilleag. £8   


111.Cailin Sgiathanach No Faodalach na H-Abaid le Seumas Macleoid. H.B Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1923. 14 Sgeulachdan uile gu leir. 364 Duilleag. £15


112. Sar Orain Gaelic Poems. Edited by Angus Macleod. Three Gaelic Poems. Luinneag Mhicleoid, Birlinn Chlann Raghnaill, Moladh Beinn Dobhrain. H.B Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1933. 232 Pages. £15


113. Dorcha Tro Ghlainne Air  a dheasachadh le Domhnall Iain Macleoid. Taghadh de sgeulachdan goirid. H.B Le D/J Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1970. 13 Sgeulachdan uile gu leir. Na Sgriobhaidearan; Iain Moireach, Martsinn Domhnallach, Iain Mac A Ghobhainn, Criosaidh Dick, Fionnlagh I MacDhomhnaill, Ruairidh MacThomais, Coinneach Fionnlasdan, An Caibearnach, Rarlon Seixias, Rob Shirley, Am Bard Bochd. 150 Duilleag. £8


114.  Amanan -Sgeulachdan Goirid. 10 Sgeulachdan uile gu leir. Na sgriobhaidearan: Pol MacAonghais, Eilidh Watt, Pol Mac a Bhreatunnaich, Iain Mac a Ghobhainn, Cailean T MacChoinnich, Domhnall Iain MacIomhair, Donnchadh MacLabhruinn.H.B Le D/J Air Fhoillseachadh ann an 1979. 105 Duilleag. £8


115. Eachdraidh Nan Croitearan. (Croft History) Dalbeg, South Shawbost, New Shawbost, North Shawbost. A4 Size Publication, published in 2014. Compiled by members of the local historical society. A very detailed history of the families who have stayed at each croft in these 4 villages. Includes Photographs. £20


116. Exploring Strathclyde By Rail. Featuring 21 walks and trails for day trips around Glasgow by Tom Noble. P.B. Published in 1990. Contents: Glasgow trails, Coast & country, Town trails, Western Islands, Map of walks, Useful Information. 144 Pages. £6


117.The Converting Word. The testimonies of Malcolm and Duncan Macleod. The testimonies of father and son Malcolm and Duncan from Shieldinish, Lochs, Isle of Lewis. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 20 Pages. £5


118. An Sealgair Naomh agus Dain Eile. Saor eadar theangaichte le Uisdean Lang. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1974. 16 Dain air an eadar theangachadh. 16 Duilleag. £6


119. The Saint Columba Scrip. Being Gifts of Pen and Pencil to the Church of Saint Columba, Blackhall. Edited by W.B. Stevenson. P.B. Published in 1904. 15 Stories and 14 drawings. Stories include; St Columba, Iona, Miss Jean: A Study, Scotland, The Dens of the Clergy, An Old Manse, Burdens, An Incident of the ‘45. 124 Pages. £25


120. Labour in Scotland. A Short History of the Scottish Working Class Movement by W.H. Marwick. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 32 Pages. £6


121. The Scots A Photo History. Edited by Murray Mackinnon and Richard Oram. H.B. With D/J Published in 2003. Contents: Introduction, People, Places, Coastal and Rural Life, Work and Industry, Transport, Sport and Leisure, Further Readings, Acknowledgements, Index. 224 Pages. £15


122. David I c. 1080-1124 1153. A Study in Principles of Administration being a lecture delivered to The Edinburgh Branch of the Saltire Society on 10th October 1953. By Agnes Mure Mackenzie. Booklet, printed in 1953. 26 Pages. £6


123.Place Names of Scarp by John Maclennan. Edited by Calum J. Mackay. P.B. Published in 2001. Contents: Foreword, The Author, Scarp: The Island, Growing Up In Scarp, Map Showing Sections,Introduction, Colour Map of Section I, Colour Map of Section 2, Place Names of Scarp: Section 2, Abbreviations, Alphabetical Index of Place Names.  47 Pages. Which Includes Photographs. £6


124.Roll of Honour Ness to Bernera. For King and Country 1939 to 1945. A4 Size Publication. Published in 1988. A record of all the men and women from Ness to Bernera in Lewis who served in WW2. Where possible there is a photo along with each individuals War record. 125 Pages. £10


125. The Grahams and the New Donalds. Second Edition. Compiled by Alan Dawson. Also including Grahamist and Donaldist data by David Hewitt. Booklet, printed in 1999. 32 Pages. £6


126. Somewhere in Scotland. The West Highlands in Pen and Picture. by Alasdair Alpin MacGregor. H.B. With D/J Published in 1935, this Revised and Enlarged Edition is from 1948. Ten Chapters, Glossary and Index. Includes Illustrations. 234 Pages. £15


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131. Forever Francie. My Life With Jack Milroy by Mary Lee. P.B. Published in 2005. 16 Chapters, includes photographs.  210 Pages. £6


132.Rum: Nature Island by Magnus Magnusson. P.B. Published in 1997, this reprint is from 1998. The book is in Three parts. One: The Past, Part Two: The Present: Part Three: The Future.16 Chapters and Appendices.  137 Pages. £6


133. The Spey From Source to Sea. By Donald & Brian Barr.  P.B. Published in 2009. Eight Chapters and Six Appendices. Includes Photographs. 127 Pages. £8


134. Trawling. Celebrating the industry that transformed Aberdeen and North East Scotland by Raymond Anderson. P.B. Published in 2007. 12 Chapters, A list of Subscribers, Bibliography, Final Trawl, No More Tie Ups. Includes many Photographs. This book recounts the growth, importance and social history of the industry and the towns, villages and fishing families behind the fleet. 145 Pages. £10


135. The Scottish Literary Revival. An anthology of twentieth century poetry edited by George Bruce. H.B. With D/J Published in 1968. 1st Edition. 38 Poets are profiled in this book and they include; Marion Angus, Lewis Spence, Andrew Young, Helen B Cruickshank, Edwin Muir, William Soutar, Norman Cameron, Robert Garioch, George Bruce, Norman MacCaig, Sorley Maclean, Douglas Young, GS Fraser, Sydney Goodsir Smith, George Campbell Hay, Maurice Lindsay, Hamish Henderson, Edwin Morgin, Derick Thomson, George Mackay Brown, Iain Crichton Smith and many others. 130 Pages. £8


136.Celtic Rituals. An authentic Guide to ancient Celtic Spirituality by Alei Kondratiev. P.B. Published in 1998, this reprint is from 1999. Fife Chapters, Afterword, Appendix One and Bibliography. 263 Pages. £6


137. Greenshields A Glasgow Cop. By William Greenshields. P.B. Published in 2006.   Chapters about the author’s time as a cop in Glasgow,  where he came into contact with many of the City’s Underworld Figures and others. Great tales. 154 Pages. Signed by the Author. £8


138. The Driftermen by David Butcher. Life in the tough days of Britain’s vanished herring fleet’s, recalled by the men who manned them. P.B. Published in 1979. Ten Chapters, The End of the Voyage, Glossary, Bibliography. 152 Pages. £8


139. The Clyde Puffer by Dan McDonald. H.B. Originally Published in 1977, this reprint is from 2004. Full of interesting text and photographs on the author’s memories and researches on the Clyde Puffer.  48 Pages. £6


140. The Horseman’s Word. Blacksmiths and Horsemanship in Twentieth Century Scotland. By Timothy Neat. P.B. Published in 2002. Contents: Part One: Blacksmiths and farriers, Part Two: Horsemen, Part Three: Bordermen, Part Four: Remembrancers and Orramen. 267 Pages which includes many photographs. £10


141.Parish Life on the Pentland Firth by Morris Pottinger. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997. 29 Chapters and Epilogue. Includes many Photographs. 191 Pages. £8


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146.An Smeorach. Fo Laimh Chalum Mhic Pharlain. 24 Gaelic Songs in two part harmony. Booklet, 24 Pages. Date of Printing unknown. £8


147. Scots Proverbs and Rhymes. Selected and Compiled by Forbes MacGregor.  Includes Introduction, comments and a glossary. Booklet, printed in 1948. 48 Pages. £8


148. Pleunaichean Na Gaidhealtachd le Ruairidh Macleoid. Leabhar mun a compabaidhean adhair a tha frithealadh do mhuinntir na Gaidhealtachd agus nan Eilean agus na h-itealan a bhitheas iad a cleachdadh. Leabharann, air fhoillseachadh as na 80’an. 40 Duilleag. £6


149. Croft and Ceilidh. Corra Chagailte by Colin Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1947. New and Enlarged Edition.  22 Chapters of yarns from the bygone days in the North of Scotland. 143 Pages. £8 Some tears on the D/J.


150. Story and Song from Loch Ness Side Being Principally Sketches of Olden Time Life in the Valley of the Great Glen of Scotland. With particular reference to Glenmoriston and Vicinity by Alexander Macdonald Inverness. A reprint with an English translation of the stories and songs and also the tunes of a number of songs. H.B. Originally Published in 1914. This reprint is from 1982. 17 Chapters, Conclusion, English Translation, The Music. 445 Pages. £15


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155. The Peggy & Isabella. The story of an eighteenth century Orkney sloop by Ian Hustwick. A4 Size Publication published in 1996. 7 chapters, Postscript, Bibliography, Tables, Appendices. 87 Pages. £8


156. The Mulbuie Murder. Life and Trial of John Adam At Inverness Circuit Court on September 1835, for the murder of his wife Jane Brechin. This is a reprint of the original paper that was first published in 1888, which contains a report of the evidence presented an account of the execution, the subsequent full disclosure of the crime and the extracts from the sermon by Rev Clark on the evening of the Execution. A4 Size Publication. 51 Pages. £10


157. The Dam Builders. Power from the Glens by James Miller. P.B. Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2003.6 Chapters, Notes and References, Main Sources, Appendix. Includes Photographs. 256 Pages. £8


158. Landlines. An Illustrated journey through the Landscape and Literature of Scotland. Text by the Scottish Literary Tour Company. P.B. Published in 2001. Contents: The Natural Landscape, Landscape and Community, The Other Landscape, Bibliography, Sources of Quotes, The Photographs and the Photographers, Index of Places and Index of Names. Includes Photographs. 181 Pages. £10


159. Averon. Tales & Legends of Alness District. Collected by W. Munro. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 14 Chapters, 38 Pages. £8


160. The Smoky Smirr of Rain. A Scots Anthology. Edited by Matthew Fitt and James Robertson. This book is a collection of the finest prose and poetry written in Scots, from medieval times to the present day. P.B. Published in 2003. 315 Pages. £6


161. The Hebrides in Old Picture Postcards. By Francis Thompson. H.B.Published in 1989. The period covered by the postcards featured in this book are from the 1880’s to the 1930’s. 76 Postcards in total which are from Barra to Lewis. 76 Pages. £8


162. St Donnan’s Church Lochalsh. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 8 Pages. £5


163. The Skye Revivals by Steve Taylor. P.B. Published in 2003. 15 Chapters, 159 Pages. £6


164. Scotland & Nationalism. Scottish Society and Politics 1707 to the present by Christopher Harvie. P.B. Published in 1998. Third Edition. 8 Chapters and Bibliographical Essay. 292 Pages. £6 Ex Library.


165. A Scot At Westminster by Donald Stewart. The Autobiography of the first SNP MP for the Western Isles in 1987. Stewart served as an MP until his retiral at the General Election of 1987. This book covers the years 1970-1987. P.B. Published in 1994. 21 Chapters and Epilogue. 127 Pages. £6


166.Tocasaid  Ain Tuirc. Le Donnchadh MacGilliosa. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 2004. 16 sgeulachd goirid. 138 Duilleagan. £6


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168. Mightier Than a Lord by Iain Fraser Grigor. The Highland Crofter’s struggle for the land. P.B. Published in 1979. Ten Chapters, Afterword and Further Reading. 170 Pages. £8


169. Dunvegan Castle. Home of the Chiefs of the Clan Macleod for over 700 years. Booklet, 14 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. Text and Photographs. £6


170. The Claim of Crofting. The Scottish Highlands and Islands, 1930-1990 by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. 8 Chapters and Includes photographs. 238 Pages. £8


171.Pilgrims in the Smoke. Seven Hebridean Tales by James Shaw Grant. P.B. Published in 1999. 102 Pages. £8


172.The Cheap Way Round by Craig Stevenson and John Mackay. Travelling around Scotland by bus, train or ferry, but always…. On the cheap. P.B. Published in 2011. Thirteen Chapters. This book tells of a series of journeys made by two dedicated travellers. Their appreciation of the unsurpassed beauty of Scotland’s scenery is matched only by their appreciation of the nation’s other major attractions, cold draught beer. Travelling around the country on the cheap, our well oiled philosophers go to great lengths to sample, and in some cases suffer, the hospitality on offer from Scotland’s tourist industry. 201 Pages. £6


173. The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer by Alexander Mackenzie. Foreword, Commentary and conclusion by Elizabeth Sutherland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. 12 Chapters including a conclusion on Who was Coinneach Odhair? By Elizabeth Sutherland, Bibliography and Index. Commentry in each chapter by Elizabeth Sutherland. 152 Pages which includes photographs. £8


174. Air Druim An Eich Sgiathaich le Pol Mac a Bhreatunnaich. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann An 1987. Sgeulachdan mu am a chogaidh. 66 Duilleag. £6


175. No Night There. Devotional Sermons by The Rev Murdoch Campbell. 14 Sermons. P.B. Reprint 92 Pages. £6


176. The West Highland Galley by Denis Rixson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1998. Part One deals with the History and Part Two deals with the Evidence. Appendix, Glossary, Footnotes, Bibliography and Index. Includes Photographs. 237 Pages. £8


177.The Caledonian Kitchen. A selection of delicious recipes from around Scotland to help raise funds for people living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Compiled by Julia & Kenny Munro. H.B. Published in 2009. Contents: Celebrities, Restaurants, Supporters, Starters, Soups & Salads, Main Dishes, Desserts & Baking, Sponsors, Notes. 146 Pages. £8


178. Strange Loyalties by William McIlvanney. H.B. With D/J Published in the early 90’s. 281 Pages. Ex Library. £6


179. McIlvanney on Boxing by Hugh Mcilvanney. P.B. Published in 1996, this edition is from 1997. This book looks at the fight’s and fighter’s McIlvanney covered during his year’s as one of the Country’s top Sportswriter’s. 335 Pages. £8


180. The Life and Works of Robert Watts by Dr R.E.L Rodgers. Booklet, printed in 1989. 32 Pages. Robert Watts (1820-1895) was the son of an Irish Farmer and the youngest of fourteen children. Trained at Princeton under Charles Hodge, Watt ministered in Philadelphia and Dublin before becoming Professor of Theology in Belfast in 1866. He was one of the greatest theologians ever produced by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. £6


181. St Valery The Impossible Odds by Bill Innes. P.B. Published in 2004. This book has contributions from 2 well known Gaelic Bards of the Twentieth Century: Angus Campbell (Am Puilean) from Ness, Isle of Lewis and Donald John Macdonald (Domhnall Iain Dhonnchaidh) from South Uist. Also, includes material gathered from interviews with others who served in WW2. Includes, photographs and Maps. 268 Pages. £8


182. Travels in the Western Hebrides from 1782 to 1790 by Rev John Lane Buchanan. Introduction by Dr Alasdair Maclean. P.B. Originally Published in 1793, this editions was published in 1993.  109 Pages. £10


183.  Dalmore Tales. Animal adventures on the Isle of Lewis by Donald John Maclennan. Illustrations by Archie B .Young. This book looks back at the Author’s reminiscences from his childhood holidays in the village of Dalmore, Isle of Lewis and tales about the animals he encountered in his childhood. P.B. Published in 2013. 159 Pages. £8 (Signed by the Author)


184. Sea Room an Island Life by Adam Nicolson. The story of the author and his family’s ownership of the Shiants, three uninhabited islands off the coast of Lewis. H.B. With D/J Published in the 2000’s391 Pages, which includes many photographs. £8


185. Highland Whisky. No 12 in a series issued by An Comunn Gaidhealach.Text by Iain Cameron Taylor, illustrations by Jim Nicolson. Printed in 1968. 11 Pages. £6


186. Shetland’s Living Landscape. A Study in Island Plant Ecology by David Spence. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. Eight Chapters, Tables, Bibliography, Index of Botanical Names, General Index. Includes Photographs. 152 Pages. £8


187.The Making of Am Fasgadh. An account of the Origins of the Highland Folk Museum by its Founder. Isabel Frances Grant. General Editor Alexander Fenton. P.B. Published in 2007. 20 Chapters, Acknowledgements, List of illustrations, Foreword, Glossary. 192 Pages. £6

Includes Photographs. £8



188. Shetland by James R Nicolson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1972. This second revised edition is from 1975. 12 Chapters, Glossary, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index. 246 Pages which includes photographs. £8


189. The History of the Loch Morlich Hostel by John Rosenfield. P.B. Published in 2013.  139 Pages. £6


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191.Guide to Prehistoric Scotland by R.W Feachem. P.B. Originally Published in 1963, this reprint is from 1992. 11 Chapters, Conclusion, Bibliography and Illustrations. 223 Pages. £8


192. Soil and Soul by Alastair Macintosh. People Versus Corporate Power. P.B. Published in 2001, this edition is from 2002. 25 Chapters, Endnotes and Photographs. 322 Pages. £8


193. Cairngorm John A Life In Mountain Rescue. John Allen with Robert Davidson.Introduced by Sir Chris Bonnington. P.B. Published in 2009, this edition 2010. 300 Pages. £6


194. St Kilda Club Membership 1988. Booklet with a list of all members of the club for that particular year. 14 Pages. £6


195. Midlands First and Latest. A Centenary Year History of Rugby in the Scottish Midlands 1889-1989.By John Methven. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. 10 Chapters, 12 Appendices, Postscript, Acknowledgements and Photographs. 99 Pages. £10


196. King Cameron by David Craig. An epic drama of the clearances. P.B. Originally Published in 1991, this reprint is from 2007. 207 Pages. £6


197. I’ve Started So I’ll Finish. The Story of Mastermind by Magnus Magnusson. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997, this is a reprint from the same year. 13 Chapters, 5 Appendixes -which includes a list of all the participants. Photographs. 272 Pages. £8


198. Folksongs & Folklore of South Uist by Margaret Fay Shaw. Third Edition. H.B. With D/J Published in 1986. Contents include; Prayer and Saint Days, Ballads, Proverbs and Sayings, Old Cures, Recipes for Dyeing Wool, Recipes for Special Dishes, but the majority of the book is devoted to songs on many subjects.  306 Pages. £15


199. The Creaky Traveller In The North West Highlands of Scotland. A Journey for the Mobile not the Agile by Warren Rovetch. P.B. Published in 2002. This book explores the hidden places of Britain’s last wilderness along the rugged coast of North West Scotland. 8 Chapters and a section devoted to Being a Traveller and Appendices. Includes Photographs. 170 Pages. £6


200. The Problem of the Picts. F.T. Wainwright (Editor), with contributions by R.W. Feachem, K.H. Jackson, S Piggott, R.B.K. Stevenson.H.B. With D/J Published Originally Published in 1955, this reprint is from 1980. 6 Chapters, Maps, Plates, Illustrations, Appendices, List of References and Abbreviations. 195 Pages. £10


201. The Third Statistical Account of Scotland. The City of Edinburgh. Edited by David Keir. H.B. Published in 1966.  The book is in Eight Parts: The Place and the People, Capital City, The Public Weal, The Social Pattern, Finance and Industry, Education, The Arts and Humanities, Nature, Photographs. 1044 Pages. £20


202.Scotland A New History By Michael Lynch. P.B. Originally Published in 1991, this reprint is from 1997. Contents: Early Scotland, Medieval Scotland, The Long Sixteenth Century, The Crisis of the Three Kingdoms, The Moulding of Modern Scotland. Notes and References, Bibliography, Genealogical Trees, Index. Illustrations. 506 Pages. £8


203. Cothrom Iris 20. For Learners, Supporters and Speakers of Scottish Gaelic. Bilingual publication which was published by Comunn an Luchd Ionnsachaidh (CLI) on a Quarterly Basis. Summer 1999 Edition.  58 Pages of Articles, Photographs  and Adverts. A4 Size Colour Publication. £6

204. Mod Nan Eilean Steornabhagh Programme for the 1989 Royal National Mod held in Stornoway and in other parts of the Western Isles. A4 Size Publication. 96 Pages giving details of all the competitions and competitors. £6


205. The Northern Meeting Piping Competitions 2005. Programme for the Event. A4 size publication which includes articles on  the World famous pipers; GS Maclennan, Pipe Major William Ross, William M Macdonald and Pipe Major Donald Macleod. 29 Pages. £8


206. Crown Church. 100 Years of Worship and Witness by Bill and Dorothy Mein. A detailed history of the Church in text and Photographs from  1898 to 1998. 39 Pages. £6


207. The Island Whisky Trail. An Illustrated Guide to The Hebridean Distilleries by Neil Wilson. P.B. Published in 2003. Contents: Acknowledgements, Introduction, A Barbarous People, Argyll, Islay, Jura, Mull, Skye. Appendices – The Making of Malt Whisky, The Lost Distilleries of Islay, List of Persons Contravening The Excise Act 1801, Early 19th Century Illicit Distilleries in Kintyre, The Classic Malts Cruise, How much and how many for how much, Bibliography, Index. Includes Photographs. 150 Pages. £8


208. The Free Church of Scotland. The Scottish Psalmody Sol-Fa. The Scottish Metrical Version of the Psalms (1650), With Tunes. Revised Edition. H.B. Published in 1977. 226 Pages. £8


209. Inside the Divide. One City Two Teams The Old Firm by Richard Wilson. Fully Updated to cover Ranger’s descent into crisis. P.B. Published in 2012. 8 Chapters, Epilogue and Index. Includes Photographs. 250 Pages. £5


210.Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1995. A4 Size Publication. The usual variety of articles: looking back at the year, Poetry, historical articles. Articles include; Gaelic on air 1923-2023, Troubles of a Genealogist, Tragic Drowning at Bragar, New Centre for Bernera, The Empire Exhibition, Police in Lewis 1886-88, Glimpses of the Isles and many more. Includes photos old and new. 96 Pages. £6


211. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 1999. A4 Size Publication. With the usual variety of articles and old and new photographs including; Looking back over 1999, Clan MacQuarrie refloated, Compass Bearings in Gaelic, John Munro Hebridean Gamekeeper, La na Drobha, Reflections of a Stornoway Childhood, The Story of the Iolaire Disaster. 80 Pages. £6


212. Eilean an Fhraoich Annual 2000. A4 Size Publication with the usual mix of articles historical and current and photographs old and new. Contents include; The Lewis Nightingale by Kitty Macleod, The Queen’s English, Lewis Legends, A fascinating year Castaway on Taransay, An Old sea dog, Murdo macaulay Hebridean Deer Forester, etc, etc 80 Pages. £6


213. Calanais The Standing Stones by Patrick Ashmore. P.B. Published in 1995. 8 Chapters. In this book the author examines the archaeological evidence from the site and paints a vivid picture of life on the island as it may have been. Includes Photographs. 52 Pages. £6


214. Ossian. Celtic Chair Inauguration and Ossianic Club Jubilee Celebration Edition. Published by Glasgow University Ossianic Society. Numerous articles by distinguished writers such as James Shaw Grant, John A Macdonald, a profile of the then Professor of Celtic Angus Matheson, Poetry, Short Stories, A history of the Department of Celtic, Folklore and Gaelic by Calum I Maclean. Gaelic Editors were; Kenneth D. Macdonald, John A Finlayson and Norman Maclean. 48 Pages. £6


215. Johnnie Walker. The Story of the World’s No 1 Scotch Whisky by Nicholas Morgan. H.B. Published in 2020. The history of Johnnie Walker tracing its roots back to 1820 and also the history of Scotch Whisky. 10 Chapters, Epilogue, Acknowledgements, Notes, Photographs and Index. 320 Pages. £10


216. On The Crofters Trail by David Craig.  In Search of the Clearance Highlanders. P.B. Published in 1990, this reprint is from 2007.  19 Chapters, Photographs and Notes. 359 Pages. £6


217.The Grand Scuttle. The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919 by Dan Van Der Vat. P.B. Published in 1982, this reprint is from 1997. 11 Chapters, 2 Appendixes, A note on Sources, Index and Photographs. 240 Pages. £8


218.      Scottish History by A.A.M Duncan. Historical Association. Teaching of Scottish History Pamphlet. No 24. Booklet, printed in 1967.  28 Pages. £6


219. Orkney Golf Club Centenary 1889-1989. Booklet by Magnus Work. Printed in 1989. 40 Pages. £8 Signed by the Author.


220. The Eye of God by Elizabeth Sutherland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1977. 1st Edition. The story of two extraordinary witchcraft trials which took place in Edinburgh in the summer of 1590, connecting the two great Ross Shire clans of Munro and Ross. 230 Pages. £8


221. Celtic Connections. Proceedings of the tenth international congress of Celtic Studies. Volume One: Language, Literature, History and Culture. Edited by Ronald Black, William Gillies and Roibeard O’Maolalaigh. P.B. Published in 1999. 28 Chapters by different writers and also includes a note on all the contributors. Also includes a full list of all its members. 568 Pages. £10


222. Up Helly Aa by James W Irvine. H.B. With D/J Published in 1982. 14 Chapters, 3 Appendixes and Illustrations. 149 Pages. £10


223. Strathbrock or The History and Antiquities of the Parish of Uphall by Rev James Primrose. H.B. Originally Published in 1898. This Book has been rebound maybe circa early 1980’s, but contains a copy of the text in original form. 16 Chapters and an Index. 120 Pages. £25


224. Para Handy by Neil Munro. Introduction and Notes by Brian D. Osborne and Ronald Armstrong. P.B. Published in 1992, this reprint is from 2008. The collected stories from the ‘Vital Spark’, ‘In Highland Harbours’ with Para Handy and ‘Hurricane Jack’ of the Vital Spark. With eighteen previously uncollected stories Introduced and Annotated by the Editors. 436Pages. £6


225.A MacBrayne Album by Alistair Deyton & Iain Quinn. P.B. Published in 2009. 11 Chapters and Numerous Photographs.  127 Pages. £8


226. MacBrayne’s Steamers by Alistair Deyton. P.B. Originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2007. 5 Chapters and Photographs. 160 Pages. £8


227.The Clan Mackay by M. O. Macdougall. Johnston’s Clan Histories. With Tartan and Chief’s Arms in Colour and a Map. Booklet, originally printed in 1953, this reprint is from 1963. 32 Pages. £6


228. Hill Birds of Scotland by Seton Gordon. H.B. Published in 1915, this reprint is from 1930. 24 Chapters, Illustrations and an Index. 300 Pages. £15


229. Eilean Fhraoich. Lewis Gaelic Songs and Melodies. P.B. With Ring Binding. Originally Printed in 1982, this reprint is from 1998. 238 Pages of Gaelic songs with the accompanying music. £10


230. Folklore of the Scottish Highlands by Anne Ross. P.B. Published in 2000. 8 Chapters, Bibliography and Index. Contents: Introduction, Clan Lore, Seers and Second Sight, Witchcraft Black and White, Supernatural Beings, omens and Social Customs, Life and Death, The Seasons and the archaism of calendar festivals, Epilogue. 158 Pages. £10


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232. The Celts by T.G. E. Powell. 79 Photographs, 25 Line Drawings, 9 Maps and a Table. H.B. With D./J. Published in 1958, this Third Impression is from 1963. Contents: List of Illustrations, Chronological Table, Foreword, Finding the Celts, The Celts in Life, The Celtic Supernatural, The Celtic Survival, List of Museums, Bibliography, Sources of Illustrations, The Plates, Notes on the Plates, Index. 283 Pages. £15


233. A Very Pleasent Golfing Place. A Centenary History of The Kilmacolm Golf Club by Gray Laidlaw and David Mason. H.B. With D/J Published in 1991. Chapter, 5 Appendices with Statistics on the club. Includes Photographs. 165 Pages. This book is No 783. £12


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239. The Restless Voyage. Being an Account By Archibald Campbell of his wanderings in Five Oceans, from 1806-1812. Written and Published in Edinburgh in 1816 and Supplemented & Re Indited in 1948 from Documents Dealing with his further history in Scotland and America by Stanley D. Porteus. H.B. With D/J Published in 1948. 21 Chapters. 280 Pages. £10


240. Culloden. A Guidebook to the Battlefield with the Story of the Battle, the Events leading to it and the Aftermath by Iain Cameron Taylor. Booklet, Originally Printed in 1965, this revised edition is from 1970. 55 Pages. £8


241. For the Islands I Sing. An Autobiography by George Mackay Brown. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997.  192 Pages. £8


242. The Klondykers. The Oilmen Onshore by Bill Mackie. P.B. Published in 2006. 17 Chapters, Photographs and Epilogue. 296 Pages. £8


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264. Seventy Walks in Arran by R.D. Walton. Booklet, printed in 1979, third printing. Contents: Lochs and Lochans, Caves, Some Standing Stones and Cairns, Walks Along and Near the Shore, Inland Walks, Across the Island Walks. 60 Pages. £6


265.The Highlands Pre History. No 15 in a series. Text by Iain R. Mackay. Pamphlet, 8 Pages. A reprint from 1971. £8


266. The Suburbs of Heaven. The Diary of Murdoch Campbell. Edited by David Campbell. P.B. Published in 2014. This diary covers the years 1930-1970 and includes a biographical note on the author by his son David. Includes Photographs. 160 Pages. £8


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269. The Shed That Fed a Million Children. The Extraordinary  Story of Mary’s Meals by Magnus Macfarlane Barrow. H.B. With D/J Published in 2015. 13 Chapters, Epilogue, Acknowledgements. Includes Photographs. 310 Pages. £8


270. Gaelic Guerilla. John Angus Mackay, Gael Extraordinaire. P.B. Published in 2019. 45 Chapters, Photographs and Bibliography. 227 Pages. £8


271. The Cruellest Twist. The Iolaire Disaster. WW100 Scotland. Booklet, printed to coincide with the 100thanniversary of the loss of the Iolaire returning with active servicemen to the Island of Lewis on New Years Day 1910 with the losss of over 200 lives. Booklet, 46 Pages with tells the story in text and photographs in English and Gaelic. £8


272. Balach a Griomsiader. Tales and Travels of a Lochie. Booklet, which details the childhood of Donald Morrison from Grimshader in Lochs, Isle of Lewis, the crofting way of life and other activities including his years working at sea and on the land. Printed in the 2007. 38 Pages, which includes photographs. £6


273. The Making of the Crofting Community by James Hunter. P.B. Originally Published in 1976, this P.B. Reprint is from 1997. 12 Chapters, Photographs, References, Bibliography, Index. 309 Pages. £8


274. Miss Mackenzie Couldn’d See the Wind by David Urquhart. P.B. Published in December 2010. (A Reprint). A Family History. Memories of Growing Up in the Western Highlands of Scotland and growing older in Australia. 80 Chapters, Glossary and Bibliography. Includes Photographs. 232 Pages. £6


275.St Momance Church. Pamphlet, 6 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £6


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277. Birds of St Kilda by Stuart Murray. Scottish Birds -the journal of the SOC. Supplement to Volume 23 (2002)  Booklet, 64Pages. £6


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279. More Moments from Memories. The People of Bonar Bridge. Edited by Sarah Horne. Booklet, printed in 2003. 40 Pages. £6


280. The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and the Border Wars. By C.L. Johnstone. A Facsimilie copy of the original that that was published in 1888. Eleven Chapters. 69 Pages. £8


281. Glasgow’s Godfather. The astonishing Inside Story of Walter Norval, The City’s First Crime Boss by Robert Jeffrey. P.B. Published in  2003. 14 Chapters and Photographs. 224 Pages. £6


282. Glasgow Crimefighter. The Les Brown Story. Les Brown & Robert Jeffrey. P.B. Published in 2005 Les Brown spent Twenty Two Years as a detective in Glasgow, throughout his time he dealt with gangland bosses like Arthur Thompson and Tam McGraw, and helped in the hunt for Bible John. Compelling, hard hitting and intensely human. 19 Chapters and Photographs. 243 Pages. £6


283. The Lewis Chessmen and the enigma of the hoard by Neil Stratford. P.B. Published in 1997, this reprint is from 2003. 6 Chapters, 2 Appendices, Notes, Bibliography. Photographs. 64 Pages. £8


284. McFootball. The Scottish Heroes of the English Game. By Norman Giller. H.B. With D/J Published in 2003. Players and Managers profiled include; The Wembley Wizards, Hughie Gallacher, Sir Matt Busby, Tommy Docherty, Bill Shankly, Jock Stein, Jimmy Leadbetter, Dave Mackay, Denis law, George Graham, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, etc, etc. Also includes a Who’s Who of player profiles of Scots who played in English Football. The author at the end of the book picks his Scottish Dream Team. 261 Pages. £6


285.Wild Sports and Natural History of the Highlands by Charles St John. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 36 Chapters and Index. 472 Pages. £15


286. The Story of Golf From its origins to the present day by Tom Scott. H.B. With D/J Published in  1972. 17 Chapters, Bibliography, Index. Includes Illustrations. 166 Pages. £8


287. Ten Days That Shook Scotland by Hugh Macdonald, Alan Pattullo, Rob Robertson et al. P.B. Published in 2010. This book looks at the ten most momentous days in the History of Scottish Football. Contents: Queen’s Park losing a game for the first time in a decade, The Celtic V Rangers 1909 Scottish Cup Fiasco, Wembley Wizards of 1928, Motherwell team of the early 30’s, Scotland’s First Appearance at the World cup in 1954, Scotland’s 9-3 defeat at Wembley in 63, Argentina 1978. Aberdeen’s greatest triumph in 1983, The tragic death of Jock Stein and the ill fated reign of Bertie Vogts as Scotland Manager. 252 Pages which includes many photographs. £6


288. A Golden Tyme Indeid. 200 Years of Golf History at Royal Montrose by Harry Faulkner and Richard Phinney. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. 18 Chapters, Appendices and Photographs. 219 Pages. £15


289. The Scottish Golf Book by Malcolm Campbell with photographs by Glyn Satterley. H.B. With D/J Published in 1999, this updated edition published in 2001. 7 Chapters which are very detailed, Chronology, Index and Photographs. 226 Pages. £15 Tear at the top right hand corner of the D/J.


290. Skye Views Magazine. An A4 Size Publication which ran for a few years in the 1990’s. All the publications contain News, Focus on different areas of Skye, Arts, Fact, Fiction, Fantasy, Wildlife, The Land and much more. Issues available are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 9,10, 15. For some issues there are more than 1 copy available. £5 each.


291. Buchanan, The Sacred Bard of the Scottish Highlands. His Confessions and His Spiritual Songs Rendered Into English Verse By Lachlan MacBean. H.B. Published in 1919. Contents: Preface, Bibliography, Life of Dugald Buchanan, The Spiritual Songs, The Confessions, Appendices. 224 Pages. £20


292. Walks in the Western Isles From the Butt to Barra Published in 1993, this revised and updated edition is from 1999. Maps and Illustrations by David Macaulay. 13 Walks in Lewis, 8 In Harris, 7 in North Uist, 2 in Benbecula, 6 in South Uist, 4 in Barra. 141 p ages. £6


293. Uist & Barra Association. Forty Second Annual Gathering of Natives and Friends St Andrews Hall Friday, 29thJanuary, 1937. Programme for the event, giving details of the Artistes, list of Office Bearers, profile of the Chairman of the Gathering, Sir Iain Colquhoun, Bart of Luss, Aricle on Clann Mhuirich and adverts. 28 Pages. £6


294. Sgeulachdan a Seisiadar. Tales from Sheshader by Chris and Bill Lawson. P.B. Published in 1990. 43 Stories in total, also has a list of village place names and a list of householders in 1891. Includes Photographs. 128 Pages. £6


295.An Aghaidh Choimheach -sgeulachdan le IaIn Moireach. H/B.Le D/J. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1973.  12 sgeulachd gu leir. 122 Duilleagan. £8


296. Modern Scottish Literature by Alan Bold. P.B. Published in 1983. This is the first comprehensive account of the whole range of twentieth century literature. Poetry 13 Chapters, Fiction 28 Chapters, Drama 15 Chapters, Biographical Note and Index. 332 Pages. £6


297. Clarsach san Doire. Gaelic Poems, Songs and Tales by Neil Macleod. Fifth Edition With Portrait of the Author. H.B. Published in 1924. 87 Poems, 15 Poems translated and 4 Gaelic Short Stories. 274 Pages. £8


298. Sermons by the Rev John Ker, D.D, Glasgow. Eleventh Edition. H.B Published in  1877. 24 Sermons in Total. 385 Pages. £20


299.Eadar Peann is Paipear. Sgeulachdan Goirid deasaichte le Domhnall Iain MacIomhair. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh deireadh na 80’an. 47 Sgeulachd ghoirid air an sgriobhadh le deifir sgriobhaidearan. 228 Duilleag. £8


300. Mar Sgeul a Dh’Innseas Neach le Cailean T MacChoinnich. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1971. 13 Sgeulachd goirid. 100 Duilleag. £6


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302. Scottish Islands by Ian Grimble. H.B. With D/J Published in 1985, this reprint is from 1986. 16 Chapters, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 206 Pages. £10


303. Biographical Note on Robert Corsane Reid, 1882-1963. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 12 Pages. £6


304. Excavations at Ruthwell, Dumfries, 1980 and 1984 by Chris Crowe. Booklet, 8 Pages. £6


305. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. Volume 126 (1996)Article; The Context of the Dupplin cross: a reconsideration by Leslie Alcock & Elizabeth A. Alcock. 4 Pages. £5


306.Rosal: A Deserted Township in Strath Naver, Sutherland by Horace Fairhurst. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Vol 00 Session 1967-68. Booklet, 25 Pages and map. £8


307. Some Vine Scrolls and Other Patterns in Embossed Metal from Dumfriesshire by Liam De Paor.. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland Vol. XCIV Session 1960-61. 13 Pages. £6


308. Kirk on the Craig. Charles Kirk’s Photography on Ailsa Craig 1896-1922. Published by Friends of the McKechnie Institute, Girvan. P.B. Published in 2004. 80 Pages, text accompanies each photo. £10


309. Time Gentlemen. Some Collected Poems by Hamish Brown. Illustrations by Ian Strachan. P.B. Published in 1983. 120 Poems in total. 124 Pages. Ex Library. £6


310.  Orkney The Magnetic North By John Gunn. With Contributed Chapters. H.B. Originally Published in 1932, this reprint is from 1945. 15 Chapters, 2 Appendices and Index. 286 Pages. £15


311.An Gradh Bhuan. Dain Spioradail le Aonghas MacGhillemhoire. Spiritual Songs by Angus Morrison. B’ann e sgire Bharabhas ann an Leodhas a bha am Bard. Leabharann air fhoillseachadh ann an 1946. 15 Duilleag. £8


312. Croft and Ceilidh or Corra Chagailte by Colin Macdonald. H.B. Published in 1947. 22 Chapters of the authors stories travelling the Highlands and Islands. 143 Pages. £8


313. The Scots and the Turf. Racing and Breeding The Scottish Influence by Alan Yuill Walker. H.B. With D/J Published in 2010. This book tells the story of the amazing contribution made to the world of thoroughbred horseracing by the Scots and those of Scottish ancestry, past and present. 31 Chapters, a list of Current Trainers and Permit Holders in Scotland, Index of People, Index of Horses, Photographs. 386 Pages. £8


314. Highland Landscape by W.H. Murray. A survey commissioned by the National Trust for Scotland. H.B. With D/J published in 1962. 21 Chapters and Maps. 80 Pages. £10


315. The Cuillin. Great Mountain Ridge of Skye by Gordon Stainforth. H.B. With D/J Published in 1994. 6 Chapters, Photographic Notes, Bibliography. 176 Pages. £10


316.  Guide to Places of Interest on Islay. Booklet, printed in 1987. 16 Pages. £5


317. The North Berwick Story by Walter M. Ferrier. H.B. With D/J Published in 1980. 9 Chapters, Photographs, Sources and Authorities, Acknowledgements, Index. 102 Pages. £10


318. On The Other Side of Sorrow. Nature and People in the Scottish Highlands by James Hunter. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995. 6 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 219 Pages. £8


319. Ferries of Scotland. By John Hendy. Booklet, Originally Printed in 1992, this second edition is from October 1993. 64 Pages of Text and Photographs. £6


320. Ships of the Fleet -Caledonian MacBrayne by Ian McCrorie. With Illustrations by J.Aikman Smith. New Edition. Booklet,printed in 1980. Second Edition. 32 Pages of Text and Photographs. £6


321.The Orkney Library 1683-1983. A short history Edited by David M.N. Tinch. Booklet, printed in 1983. 19 Pages. £6


322. Clyde River and Other Steamers. Supplement to Third Edition by Christian Duckworth & Graham Langmuir. Booklet, printed in 1982. 6 Chapters, 2 Appendices and Photographs. 58 Pages. £8


323. Ancient & Mediaeval Sculptured Stones of Islay by W.D. Lamont. P.B. Originally Published in 1968, reprinted in 1972. 60 Pages and Plates. £10


324. Everyday Gaelic By Morag MacNeil. New Edition. P.B. Published in 1984, this new edition was printed in 2006. 138 Pages. £8


325. Blood on the Thistle. A Casebook of 20th Century Scottish Murder by Douglas Skelton. P.B. Published in 1992. 15 Chapters. Contents include; IRA Ambush in 1921, The Hard Men -Jimmy Boyle & Patrick Carraher, Peter Manuel, The Cop Turned Killer -Howard Wilson, Bible John, James Griffiths & Paddy Meehan and Archibald Hall. 207 Pages which includes Photographs. £6


326. The Essential Gaelic -English Dictionary. Compiled by Angus Watson. A Dictionary for Students and Learners of Scottish Gaelic. P.B. Published in 2007. 415 Pages. £10


327. Enlarging the Past. The 1995 Rhind Lectures. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. H.B. Published in 1995. 6 Chapters, References, Index and Illustrations. 172 Pages. £10


328. Shinty. Celebrating Scotland’s Game by Hugh Dan Maclennan. 100 Years of the Camanachd Association. P.B. published in 1993. 12 Chapters, Colours Photographs, Bibliography, Results and Venues. The most comprehensive account ever written on the game of Shinty. 368 Pages. £15


329.  Perthshire Murders by Geoff Holder. P.B. Published in 2010. 12 Chapters, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index and Photographs. 126 pages. £8


330. Glasgow’s Hard Men by Robert Jeffrey. P.B Published in 2002. 15 Chapters which looks at Godfathers, The Billy Boys, Dowdall and other Legal Eagles, Paddy Meehan, Death by Fire and war on the Streets, etc, etc. 192 Pages. £6


331. The Blairs Papers (1603-1660) by M.V. Hay. H.B Published in 1929. 9 Chapters, 8 Appendices, Illustrations. 275 Pages. £25


332.Buildings of St Kilda. The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. A4 Size Publication Published in 1988. Fully Illustrated with Maps, line drawings and photographs, it is the result of a detailed survey of the main areas of human settlement, the historical confined to the last three centuries. 58 Pages. £10


333. Sgathan 1971. The Magazine of the Nicolson Institute. A good selection of articles, short stories, school news, poetry, Gaelic stories, and plenty photographs. 74 Pages. £6


334. Carloway Show Golden Jubilee Commemorative Book 1954-2003. A record of the show throughout the years in text and photos. Magazine type publication. 51 Pages. £6


335. The Scottish Town in the Age of the Enlightment 1740-1820 by Bob Harris and Charles McKean. P.B. Published in 2014. Part One: Towns and Improvement, Part Two: Society and Culture, Conclusion, Appendices and Photographs. 604 Pages. £10


336. St Mary’s Priory and parish Church Monymusk. An Historical Sketch by Dr Dan Whiteley. Pamphlet, 6 Pages. £6


337. Iain Crichton Smith Collected Poems. H.B. With D/J Published in 1992. 398 Pages. £6


338.A Genius For Making Money, Business, Art and the Morrisons by Caroline Dakers. H.B. With D/J Published in 2011. This is the story of James Morrison (1789-1857) who began life humbly but, through hard work and entrepreneurial brilliance, aquired a fortune unequalled in nineteenth century England. 17 Chapters, Epilogue, Notes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 326 Pages. £8


339.Gangsters, Killers and Me. The Inside story of Policing Glasgow’s Criminal Underworld by Gerard Gallacher. A Detective’s Story. P.B. Published in 2012. 53 Chapters in this book from a detective who dealt with all the Glasgow Gangsters. Photographs. 323 Pages. £5


340. Children of the Black House by Calum Ferguson. P.B. Published in 2003. This book is a fascinating glimpse into life on the Hebridean Island of Lewis from the middle of the nineteenth century to the 1970’s.  5 Chapters which are very detailed. Includes Photographs and a Bibliography. 312 Pages. £8


341. The Third and Fourth Report on Researches into the Medieval Hospital at Soutra Lothian/ Borders Region. A4 Size Publications. Over 100 pages of details in both books, and includes illustrations.  £15 for both.


342. From Loch Ness to The Aird. Local History and archaeology Guide No 2 By Edward Meldrum. Booklet, printed in 1978. 32 Pages. £6


343. Historic Catholic Sites in the Highlands & North East of Scotland. Pamphlet 8 Pages. Has detail on all the sites, includes a Map. £6


344.Perth A Short History by Marion L. Stavert. Booklet, printed in 1991. 2nd Edition. 11 Chapters, Illustrations and Maps. 68 Pages. £5


345. Ancient Uists. Exploring the Archaeology of the Uists by Anna Badcock. A visitor’s guide to the historic sites and monuments of the Uists and Benbecula. P.B Originally Published in 2008, this reprint is from 2013. Contents: A Uist Timeline, 8000 BC -1957 ad, A Gazetteer of Sites and Monuments. Includes Photographs. 86 Pages. £6


346. George Mackay Brown Winter Tales. H.B. With D/J Published in 1995, this reprint is from 1996. 18 Short Stories. 247 Pages. £6


347. Caught in the Crossfire. Scotland’s Deadly Drugs War by Russell Findlay. The story of the deadliest gang war of a generation -The Daniels versus the Lyons. This book is an explosive story of the feud that has engulfed a community. 33 Chapters and Photographs. 242 Pages. £6


348. Devil in the Wind by Charles Macleod. H.B. With D/J Published in 1979. Novel based on the true story of a blizzard that struck the Island of Lewis in the 1950’s as a young couple were preparing for their wedding. 23 Chapters. 208 Pages. £6


349. The Autobiography Jackie Stewart -Winning is not Enough. H.B. With D/J Published in 2007. 22 Chapters, Career Record, and Photographs. 548 Pages. £6


350. The St Andrews Open by Bobby Burnet -Historian Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. H.B. With D.J Published in 1990. This book provides the first comprehensive account of the British Open Championship when played at St Andrews. 26 Chapters, Results, Prize Money and Photographs. 198 Pages. £12 Tear at the back of the D/J.


351. The History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland From A.D. 1493 to AD 1625, With a Brief Introductory Sketch from A.D. 80 to AD 1493 by Donald Gregory. Second Edition. H.B. Published in 1881. Introduction and 9 Chapters which deals with all the different clans of the time throughout the Highlands and Islands. 453 Pages. £65


352.Hebridean Islands Colonsay Gigha Jura by John Mercer. H.B. With D/J Published in 1974. 13 Chapters, 3 Appendixes, Bibliography, Index and Photographs. 236 Pages. £10


353. A Life of Soolivan. Based on the Recollections of John Macleod Gael, Traveller, Rebel, Convict and Raconteur by Calum Ferguson. P.B. Published in 2004. 4 Chapters which are broken down into sub chapters, Appendices, Photographs and at the end of the book it gives a list of the place names in each of the villages in Point. 274 Pages. £8

354.Renfrewshire’s Last Days of Steam by W.A.C. Smith. P.B. Published in 2002. 49 Pages of text and Photographs. £6


355. Curiosities of Art and Nature. The new annotated and illustrated edition of Martin Martin’s classic A Description of the Western Isles. P.B Published in 2003. 25 Chapters, Illustrations which includes a Bibliography to Notes and References. 318 Pages. £10


356. Sgriobhaidhean Choinnich Mhicleoid. The Gaelic Prose of Kenneth Macleod. Edited by Thomas Moffatt Murchison. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. Includes a detailed Biographical sketch of Macleod’s life. 186 Pages. Ex Library. £8


357. The Black Isle. Local History and Archaeology Guidebook No 3 by Edward Meldrum. Booklet, printed in 1979. 32 Pages. £6


358. Historical & Traditionary Gleanings Concerning Perthshire by Robert Scott. H.B. Fully Rebound Published in 1876.  25 Chapters, 521 Pages. All the Sketches appeared Seriatim in the “Antiquarian Repository” of the Perthshire Constitutional and Journal, from the 4th October 1975 to 30th October 1876. £65


359. Highland Country Diaries by Ray Collier. First Published in the Guardian. Illustrated by Iain Serjeant. P.B Published in 1997. Contents: Location Map, Acknowledgements, Foreword, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. 160 Pages. £6


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