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A fund raising campaign was initiated at the end of 2020 to refurbish Barvas Playpark which has fallen into a state of disrepair.

An application was made to Western Isles Lottery and the project has been awarded funding of £3,000.

A new committee was formed in August 2020 with the main goal being to make the park inclusive so that children of all abilities can safely enjoy its facilities. 

The Upper Barvas playpark is over 20 years old and appears to be in desperate need of an upgrade. The underside of the main multi-play unit is rusted and will very shortly be unsafe for children’s use.

Shona Mairi Kerr, heading the funding campaign, said: “We are increasingly aware of the huge benefits outdoor play has on children's mental and physical health.  We aim to create a space that is fun and challenging for children of all abilities from all areas of the island.

"The Upper Barvas Playpark Committee is so thankful for this donation from the Western Isles Lottery. Thanks to this donation we are now a good bit closer to reaching our target. The donation will go towards replacing the climbing frame with a new inclusive multiplay and we now have these funds to lever in match-funding from other areas”

Janet Paterson of Western Isles Lottery said “Yet again, we feel privileged to support a project which will benefit the wider Community by providing enhanced facilities for children. The funding has been solely raised by Supporters of the Lottery throughout the Ness & Westside area”.

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