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One of the most famous voices on the Scottish political scene has been singing the praises of a hand sanitiser made in Stornoway.

Janey Godley’s legendary voiceovers of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have done a lot to make daily Coronavirus briefings bearable for many, and the catch-phrase ‘Frank, get the door’ has spread like wildfire.

But on Saturday (10 January) Janey raised her voice to boost an island business, with a headline ‘Love Ishga hand sanitiser (not paid to say this)’.

Ishga Skin Care is a premium salon brand, with a range of facial and bodycare products made using seaweed harvested in Lewis. Their hand sanitiser is a new innovation launched at the onset of the pandemic.

In her video at,

Janey praises the product’s fragrance, feeling on her skin and the fact that even social media star Honey, her dachshund, seems to like it when she uses it.

The unsolicited endorsement was celebrated by Ishga on Monday, when they shared the post on their own Facebook page.

Pictures show Janey with her new hand sanitiser and with Honey the dog enjoying the fragrance.