There’s been praise and commendation for the work of NHS Western Isles in terms of the progress of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign at both a local and a national level

One local person who benefitted from the local vaccination programme for those in their eighties and over, spoke to of the professionalism and excellent organisation of the Western Isles Hospital staff which, she said, was exemplary and characterised by the sensitivity and friendliness of the staff

She said the information about the Pfizer BioNTec vaccine was well-presented including possible side-effects and the whole procedure took just 30 minutes including a 15-minute wait following the actual vaccination purely as a precaution.

Overall, NHS Western Isles - which employs more than 1,000 people across the Islands – has achieved proportionately the highest roll-out of Covid-19 vaccinations of all health boards across Scotland, according to figures released today (Wednesday 13 January).

Data released by Public Health Scotland includes information on the number of patients who received their first dose of the vaccine between 8 December and 10 January.

It shows that, by population percentage, NHS Western Isles delivered vaccinations to 6.76% of the islands’ population – that’s 1,518 people who received their first vaccinations.

The figures also compare well to other island groups, where 5.18% (968) of the people of Orkney and 3.57% (669) of Shetlanders had their first vaccination in that period.