Almost every road throughout Stornoway faces having its speed limit cut to 20mph.

Anyone who wants to object to this policy only has a few hours left to do it.

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar says you have until Friday (15 January) at 4pm.

But you can’t just object.

You must give a good reason and explain which road or roads you are talking about. 

Here’s where the plans are laid out.

[PLEASE NOTE: Both the link below and the email address below have been corrected by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar since the media release on which this part of this article is based, was sent out yesterday. Readers may have tried unsuccessfully to use the earlier links.]

The scheme will also see the implementation of a 20mph limit in Balivanich and Castlebay; and a combination of a 20mph and 30mph limit in Tarbert.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed Orders should send details in writing, either by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in hard copy to the Chief Executive, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, Council Offices, Sandwick Road, Stornoway, HS1 2BW to be received no later than 4pm, Friday 15 January 2021.

Objections should state the full name and address of the objector, the Order to which they relate and the grounds on which they are made.

In Stornoway, CnES says the 20mph speed limit will cover the majority of Stornoway town centre and also some residential and industrial areas. The Experimental Order is intended to operate for a period of 12 months. Following this period, the effects of the Order will be assessed along with its suitability to be made permanent.

In Stornoway, the following roads are affected:

Anderson Road (C34)

Assaye Place

Arras Cottages

Bain Square

Balmerino Drive

Bank Street

Barony Square

Battery Road

Battery Park Road

Bayhead Street

Bells Road

Berisay Place

Bulnacraig Street

Caberfeidh Road

Canada Crescent

Cannery Road

Castle Street (A857)

Church Street (C118)

Churchill Drive

Cromwell Street (A857)

Cross Street

Columbia Place

Doig Crescent

Ferry Road

Fleming Place

Francis Street

Garden Road

Gibson Gardens

Goathill Crescent

Goathill Road (C118)

Haldane Court

Inaclete Rd

India Street
Island Road

James St (A866)

Jamieson Drive

Keith Street

Kennedy Terrace

Kenneth Street

Leverhulme Drive

Lewis Street

Lister Place

Mackenzie Street

Maclennan Place

Macleod Road

Macrae Road

Macrae Place

Macaulay Road (A857)

Manor Drive

Matheson Road (B8027)

Millar Road

Morrison Avenue

Murray Place

Newton Street (C116)

New Street

Nicolson Road

Nicol Crescent

North Beach Street (A857)

Perceval Road

Plantation Road (A858/C34)

Point Street

Portrona Drive

Queensland Road

Quay Street

Robertson Road

Ross Terrace

Rose Street

Rigs Road

Ripley Place

Sand Street

Sandwick Road (A866)

Scotland Street

Seaforth Road (C116)

Seaview Terrace (C116)

Shell Street (C116)

Smith Avenue

South Beach Street

Springfield Road

Stirling Square

Tolmie Terrace

Torquil Terrace

Westview Terrace

Willowglen Road