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Extra power generation units are being positioned at Battery Point today (Monday 2 November) as part of Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks’ (SSEN) plans for additional energy resilience.

The unremarkable-looking mobile generators, which resemble grey container units, are being placed by crane close to the Battery Point power station and will be linked by an underground cable to the generation system.

They’re part of additional contingency and resilience planning being put in place as SSEN reconfigures the power supply for the islands of Lewis and Harris, following the failure of the subsea cable in October.

The mobile generators were delivered to the islands by ferry last week and were being offloaded and positioned today on land between the Coastguard station and the power station.

A spokesperson for SSEN said: “We are installing an additional 6MW of generation at Battery Point via large mobile generators and an associated fuelling system connected to a mobile substation.

“This substation will be connected into Battery Point Power Station by an 11kV underground cable and will be operated by our local station staff.

“The maximum demand for power in the islands rises to 27MW during the middle of winter. Between Battery Point, Arnish and the hydro-electric power stations 35MW of power generation is available. 

“(These units will) provide additional security of supply to homes and businesses on the islands, which we’ll keep connected on standby until the subsea cable is replaced. This will allow us the flexibility to take Battery Point or Arnish engines off line and keep the power flowing to our customers.”