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There’s more positive news for town centre retail today (Friday 16 October) as the popular ‘Buckie fish’ supplier Sean Clarke gears up for next week’s opening of his new fish and seafood retail store.

By the Harbour will see an expanded sales area for wet fish and chef-prepared delicatessen seafood, in the former Harbour Seafoods store opposite the Fishermen’s Co-op.

The new venture comes after increasingly successful trading from Sean’s first building-based venture, S C Seafoods at the former Isles FM building on Newton Street.

Sean said: “Once we open the new store, that little shop will be closed for a while as we see how things go during the Covid period, but there are exciting plans for the future, especially when the new marina opens at Newton.”

The picture shows the new By the Harbour store during preparations for opening this week (S C Seafoods).