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Island cat rescue group WISCK (Western Isles Support for Cats and Kittens) is looking for someone with a big heart, prepared to make a little space in their lives for a big cat.

Foster cat Patch came into care nearly three weeks ago, when his owner became unwell and could no longer care for him.

Understandably the experience of suddenly losing everything he knew as an adult cat upset him greatly, and he initially reacted badly, becoming ill and lashing out against his new environment.

But a few weeks of patience, reassurance and regular love have settled him down, revealing a lovable teddy of a cat with a massive purr. Put up for adoption, the handsome boy is getting lots of attention from WISCK supporters, but no offers for a new home.

Now Patch is showing signs of becoming depressed, despite regular play sessions and contact from his foster-carers. He’s hankering for the great outdoors where he can stretch his long legs and he spends a lot of time staring out of the window, obviously wishing he could wander.

Foster-carer Martin said: “Patch is an unusual cat. He’s the size of a small dog and we initially worried about his behaviour, but as time’s passed he has become affectionate and playful.

“We’ve noticed that lots of people come forward when kittens are put up for adoption, but it takes a special kind of person to think about taking an adult cat into their home.

“In some ways he has everything going for him – he’s neutered, absolutely in his prime and very clean in his habits. But he is going to need patience to get settled into a new home – he is scared of new things and, like the big softy he is, covers up fear with growling and complaining.

“He’s been here three weeks and we can definitely say he’d make a fabulous pet for the right home. Someone with space, a patient attitude, a quiet corner where he can feel safe and a lot of outdoor croft or moorland to let him get the exercise he needs.”

If you think that sounds like you and you have a big space in your life for a new companion, go to the WISCK Facebook page and check the adoption criteria. (