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A pet goose who brought love through lockdown to a family in Tong has had to be put to sleep after a savage attack by a dog in their own garden.

The Smith family put out an appeal on the Tong Community Hall Facebook page yesterday (Monday 21 September), after finding one of their pet geese had been mauled and left bloody and badly injured on the lawn of their house.

After an urgent trip to the vet, the young goose had to be euthanised, with the vet saying the injuries were consistent with an attack by a large dog.

Eleanor Mairi Smith said: “Sadly, one of the wounds had punctured his lung and it was too much for the vet to do anything other than put him down.

“He had been incubated by my Mum's friend and hand-reared by our family all during lockdown. They were so loved and brought us so much joy. This was totally avoidable and we are completely gutted.”

The family has dismissed ideas that the injuries could have been caused by a cat or by someone shooting at the bird with a pellet gun, and are now looking for answers about how the attack happened.

And village residents are also grieving the loss of the friendly pet, who always greeted passers-by from his garden home.

(Photos from the Smith family).