From this week, NHS Western Isles is providing a range of Community Treatment and Care (CtaC) services from an additional venue in Stornoway.

A range of services are now being provided at Western Isles Dental Centre on the Western Isles Hospital site. These services are available mainly to patients registered to Group and Broadbay Practices in Stornoway, buy there is also capacity to accommodate appointments for patients from North Harris and Langabhat Practices (for example, for those working in Stornoway, it may be more convenient for them to get an appointment within the Dental Centre).

The CTaC service will essentially remain unchanged for patients covered by North Harris and Langabhat Practices, but patients from those areas now also have the option of receiving an appointment in Stornoway where this is convenient for them.

CTaC services currently available at the Western Isles Dental Centre include:

  • phlebotomy (making a puncture in a vein usually in the arm, with a needle, for the purpose of drawing blood);
  • dressings and wound care (including management of leg ulcers or wounds after surgery or injury, suture removal);
  • management of minor injuries;
  • basic observations and injections; and
  • some tests that may have been requested by your hospital specialist.

The CTaC service will be delivered from two treatment rooms in the Dental Centre. Nursing staff based there will provide services which patients are already familiar with receiving in their GP surgeries.

Appointments will continue as normal to be made through GP surgeries.We would ask that patients ensure they arrive on time for their appointment and that they attend alone, where possible.  "We also request that patients do not attend an appointment if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms. Please contact your surgery as soon as you can before your appointment if you are unable to attend for any reason."