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The Broken Ravens released a new single called Dark Places today (Monday 31 August).

They have a new singer, local boy Gordon Smith (ex A Promise to No One), and they say that he "really has rekindled the fire."

They recorded the track at Shabbey Road Studios - aka Kevin Clark's garage - and had Jason Shaw master the track.

Jason lives in Amsterdam and recently recorded Kevin's brother Charlie's new album which Kevin played drums on.

The Broken Ravens were supposed to be touring Eastern Europe this year, with shows in Bulgaria and Romania and returning to the Rock In The Wine Valley festival in Bulgaria to open the mainstage, playing alongside Lacuna Coil and Judas Priest.

Alas, says Kevin, "due to CV19, we had to cancel everything and decided to put all our efforts into finishing off the Shabbey Road demos we had been plugging away at."

The single is available through all digital retailers and they hope it starts the machine up again. "We are currently finishing of the last of our demos before recording an album or EP to release later in the year to help us pave the way for international live shows next year, fingers crossed!"

The band has also filmed a video out at Arnish Point with Iain MacKinnon directing, Fiona "Chasm" MacKenzie, Rod Morrison and Sam the dog. All done on Iain's iPhone, Lotto's idea and superbly executed by all involved. "Very fortunate to have such talented friends," says Kevin.