A fantastic day of fishing yesterday (Sunday 8 August) yielded some good catches, unusual fish and a great result in the Barra and Vatersay fishing competition.

The competition had been restricted this year to under-16s only, ensuring that family groups stayed in their bubble and there were no big gatherings for the weigh-in.

Instead, young fishermen and fisherwomen showed their catches with photographs that proved the weight on the scales, as well as posing proudly with their heavyweight fish.

Lifting the trophy for first place was Donald MacNeil, with a fish weighing 2.26kg, while in second place was Ryan Macleod with his 2.04kg catch.

Sandy Macleod came third with a fish weighing 1.4kg and, although there was no award for most unusual fish of the day, Lewis Irving of Northbay raised a few eyebrows with his colourful scorpion fish, familiar to local fishermen as carran creige.

A spokesman for Barra and Vatersay Fishing Competition said: “Thanks to everyone who took part today and for getting into the spirit of the virtual fishing competition. It was great to see so many kids getting out onto the water and having fun. 

“Thanks to all the mums, dads, grannies, gens, friends and neighbours who gave their time to make it a good day for the children.”

You can see all the pictures from the day on the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bandvfishingcompetition/