There have been further reports of damage and anti-social behaviour in Lews Castle Grounds, with a support group of grounds users looking for official action.

On Saturday night (8 August) damage to fence posts in the grounds and smashed windows in a tractor used for maintenance were observed by visitors. Both incidents were reported.

An allotment holder later reported having to move traffic cones, road repair signs and a toppled set of traffic lights out of the carriageway after they’d been apparently pushed and thrown around.

The incidents were reported to local councillor Charlie Nicolson, who was to contact Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s technical services department.

Castle grounds users are providing a running report on the situation in the grounds on the Facebook page Our Castle Grounds – a membership page for those who appreciate the grounds.

The group’s administrators say: “Our Castle Grounds has been set up because of our love of the Castle Grounds. This group has been set up for people who are unhappy with the state of the grounds, to come together and discuss possible ways forward.”

The pictures are taken from the page and were taken over the past 24 hours by members