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Point Football Club has moved up a league with the installation of their new, Rudhach-red undercover stand.

And the assembly operation to put the 100-seater stand in place has been carried out at lightning speed, with the majority of the work done and dusted within two days.

Stadium Solutions of Sussex created the stand to specifications that included a weather-resistant standard good enough for Hebridean conditions.

Their team of contractors arrived in Lewis only on Thursday (6 August) with the expectation that they would still be ironing out details on the kit-style assembly until Wednesday this week.

But after a team of Point FC volunteers turned out on Thursday night to help carry the stadium pieces across the pitch ready for assembly, by yesterday afternoon (Saturday) Point FC were able to report that only the perspex shielding at each end of the stand remains to be fixed.

A spokesman for Point FC said yesterday: “What an end to day two! Two guys drove overnight from Brighton on Thursday and built this in two days. Two perspex ends to go on and a few wee jobs and they're finished. Amazing work!

“The big job was made a lot easier by the number of people that were there to help and also with the assistance of Roddy’s tractor and Iain’s Argocat. 

“Thank you very much Iain Macsween, Roddy Munro, Alex Dan, Gordon, Iain Angus, Angus, Isobel, Ivor, Angus Stoodie, Malcolm, Tom and Wee Alex.”

Pictures show the new stand under construction on Friday and nearing completion on Saturday, together with the army of hard-working volunteers on Thursday night.