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The Western Isles Lifetyle Lottery wants to distribute more funds in the Uig/Breasclete/Loch area…but they can't find a local group to help with the vital work.

Muaitheabhal Community Trust initially undertook to manage the funding raised within this large area of Lewis and WILL pay thanks to them. 

"We have been unsuccessful in sourcing a replacement group who would be happy to work alongside us to promote the benefits of the lottery within the community and manage applications for funding."

A total of £3,551.80 has already been distributed but there could be a substantial increase in funds raised if a group were to be in a position to uptake the challenge.  WILL would be really pleased to hear from anyone interested!!

  • Lochs Community Centre received an award of £760.80 for the set-up of a Youth Café in the area;
  • Uig Community Centre received an award of £1,206.00 to purchase a variety of play equipment for both local children and visitors to the centre;
  • Keose/Keose Glebe Playpark received funding of £1,249.00 for their new play facility. The funding was used to purchase goal posts to extend the park’s public facilities as well as additional seating.
  • Uig Soft Balls Club received an award of £336.00 to purchase equipment to start up. Volunteers in the area were available to provide training and run the club.

Any group interested in supporting the Lottery in this area are invited to contact us via our Western Isles Lottery facebook page or by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photographs show work at Keose Playpark and the presentation at North Lochs Community Centre