An unusual amount of dolphin activity in the Minch has been giving ferry travellers – and CalMac crew members – a treat during the weekend’s crossings.

Loch Seaforth skipper Lewis Mackenzie tweeted the view from the bridge yesterday morning (Saturday 1 August) as a super-pod of dolphins leapt from the sea in every direction ahead of the ferry.

He said: “Just amazing… this morning’s entertainment in the north Minch. Never seen so many dolphins as this at one time before.”

Photographer and seafarer Chris Murray was also dolphin-watching this weekend, and snapped these Risso’s dolphins slapping tails as the cetaceans enjoyed abundant supplies of food around Lewis.

The Whale and Dolphine Conservation Society says that western Scotland, and particularly the north Minch and the sea of the Hebrides, are important areas for common dolphins, with sightings occurring most often in the summer months.

Regular spotters from the Tiumpan Watchers group reported fin, minke and a humpback whale, common dolphins and two orca late last week.