The atmosphere is buzzing at The Barbers in Kenneth Street, and partners Gracie Macleod and Catherine Campbell (pictured above) couldn’t be happier to see their customers back.

And even though there have been plenty of changes since the doors to all barbers and hairdressers suddenly closed in March, customers are taking the new shape of haircuts in their stride.

Gracie said: “We’ve never been appreciated so much in our lives. Everyone has been brilliant and a massive amount of hair has already come off in our first two weeks. I wish the mill would take it to make tweed – we’ve probably filled a skip already!”

One major change is the need for all customers to make appointments – and to turn up on time. The door will be unlocked only to let them in, and there’s limited waiting space inside. The chairs themselves have been spaced out and the much-loved children’s play-room has been turned into an extra barber’s space, ideal as a protected area for those coming out of shielding.

Some of the changes may have initially seemed like an inconvenience, but now, says Gracie: “A lot of people are preferring the fact that they can make an appointment, turn up on time and get seen, rather than sometimes having to wait ages until a chair comes free. And it’s not changed the atmosphere one bit.”

Gracie and Catherine were careful to make sure everyone knew what to expect ahead of opening, with a walk-through video on their Facebook page showing just how the inside of The Barbers now looks. That was evidently an excellent idea – 12,000 people have viewed the video and everyone is enthusiastic and excited to be back.

Gracie said: “The first few weeks have been really good – everybody has made our job so much easier and, as we said in the video, we’re just enjoying having some normality back after all the madness and getting back to the job we love!”

Pictures show: Barbers shop quintet – Joshua, Levi, Isaac, Jacob and Seth Morrison before and after their post-lockdown haircut on 21 July (The Barbers).