Weekly Comhairle Cèilidhs that kept spirits high during lockdown could continue as daily life returns to normal, depending on the outcome of an online poll.

The regular weekly performances saw island performers curating recorded contributions from around the isles and further afield, as well as live-streamed sessions from their own living rooms and kitchens.

And while most were definitely a home-made affair, some brought much-loved performers from as far afield as California on to small screens in island homes, with traditional and Gaelic tunes galore.

Supporters who want the cèilidh to continue well beyond lockdown have only got until 5pm tomorrow (Monday 27 July) to make their vote count at the online ‘yes or no’ poll at https://doodle.com/poll/2s34z7svyzq6an3a

The Comhairle’s call for votes, published only yesterday (Saturday 25 July) is fielding a stream of compliments from online viewers who tuned in on Friday and Saturday nights.

Superlatives such as ‘fantastic’, ‘amazing’ and ‘brilliant’ have been used to describe the Friday and Saturday night sessions, which were enjoyed both within the islands and by those from much further afield.

In fact, one supporter commented: “Enjoyed them all, wanting them back – but made me homesick at times, especially the Gaelic songs,” proving that some of the listeners, too, were tuning in far from home.

The picture shows Iain ‘Costello’ Maciver, who brought 1,300 viewers to join his ceilidh in May.