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A fisherman with a back injury was airlifted to Stornoway this morning (Wednesday 15 July), after Stornoway Coastguard operations centre received a call for assistance late last night.

A UK-registered fishing vessel working 250 miles west of Lewis called for advice after the man was injured at 9.40pm yesterday.

Coastguard officers linked the skipper with medical advice from specialists at Aberdeen and it was decided that the man required urgent medical attention.

But with the vessel beyond the limit of helicopter range, the skipper was asked to make headway towards Stornoway before Coastguard helicopter R948 could be tasked to assist.

The helicopter took off from Stornoway at 8.30am this morning and made contact with the vessel 160 miles west of Lewis at 9.30am.

The man was taken up on a stretcher and brought to Stornoway airport, where he was passed into the care of Scottish Ambulance and onwards for hospital treatment.

The helicopter crew was stood down and the incident closed off at 11.10am today.

Picture shows the Coastguard helicopter on a recent exercise off Point (Chris Murray).