This Sunday, 5 July 2020 marks the 72nd Anniversary of the start of the NHS, as well as 2020 also marking the 72nd year of the social care system. 

To mark these remarkable milestones, more so significant during these current times, NHS Western Isles is excited to announce the launch of its new and refreshed website at:

Our 'Looking Back' section celebrates the 72nd Anniversary and the rich history of healthcare and the NHS in the Outer Hebrides. 

This includes nursing careers and stories, photo gallery, video archive, and useful links.

Visitors to the new website will find changes with our user-friendly navigation, increased service listings, useful information and rich content.  The new and improved website, boasting a clean design, features images representing the islands from throughout the Outer Hebrides, and offers easy access to essential and accurate information.

The front landing page features three important new sections titled ‘I am a Patient’, ‘I am a Carer’ and ‘I am a Visitor’ to help individuals find the information relevant to them, at the right time.

This includes patients being able access information relating to their Outpatient appointments or Inpatient stay, carers being able to access help and support for themselves and the person they look after, whilst visitors can access information on hospital facilities, refreshments and what they must do if they plan on visiting during the coronavirus pandemic.

As well as including the Near Me virtual appointment system, maternity services, dental health, patient travel and virtual visiting, the revised ‘Our Services’ section features a wide range of newly added services offering an overview of each team.

This includes who teams are aimed at, services each offers, location(s), referral methods, patient information literature and links, and their direct contact details.  Newly added services includes nurse-led services, sexual health services, substance misuse, chaplaincy and spiritual care, and work and health.

We have also made it easier for visitors looking to get more involved within their local health service, from finding out about current consultation and engagement to volunteering, and submitting feedback.  In addition, anyone looking to apply for a job with NHS Western Isles is encouraged to visit our new section ‘Working, Studying and Volunteering’.  All items can be found in our ‘Get Involved’ section.

As well as links to our social media (Facebook and Twitter) channels, the site also features a link to the Vimeo platform, where all films which have been produced by, or in partnership with, NHS Western Isles can be viewed.

The new site also links to our local coronavirus website (, where information relating to COVID-19 can separately be found.

So what are you waiting for, come and explore our new site at and see for yourself! ​