THE officially confirmed number of coronavirus cases on the Western Isles is still 7, says the Scottish Government, today, Sunday, July 5.

The new figures - which include regional breakdowns across the country – continue to show Orkney with 9 cases, while Shetland is shown as 54..  Highland Region has risen by 1 to 376, after being the same for several days.

So far, there have been 1541 coronavirus tests reported as conducted in the Western Isles. [02.07.2020] 

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A total of 278,8831 Scottish tests have been concluded so far.  Of these:

  • 18,296 tests have been positive. That's up 9 from yesterday, a rise of less than 0.1%.
  • 10,744 of the cases were in the Greater Glasgow, Clyde, Lanarkshire and Lothian areas. That's 4 more cases, a rise of less than 0.1%

On July 4 there were 2917 tests carried out by NHS Scotland in hospitals, care homes or in the community, making a total of 290,515 COVID-19 tests through NHS labs to date.

833 drive-through and mobile tests were carried out by the Regional Testing Centres in Scotland bringing the total to 96,957.

A total of 2488 patients in Scotland who tested positive for coronavirus are now reported to have died. 

There were 424 people in Scottish hospitals last night with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 (including 11 in intensive care). 

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In terms of incidence of positive cases per 10,000 population, the comparative figures - all rounded slightly - are:

  • Scotland: 32.9/10,000
  • Shetland Isles: 23.4/10,000
  • Highland: 15.8/10,000
  • Orkney Isles: 4.0/10,000
  • Outer Hebrides: 2.6/10,000

(This figures were calculated by to give readers a sense of regional variations.  They were last revised on Saturday June 20).