During these difficult and uncertain times, it is important to keep active in order to stay healthy, says NHS Western Isles.

For this reason, the Gentle Movement classes that were established before lockdown, are now being offered by NHS Western Isles, virtually, on Zoom.

Being active can help many aspects of our health, not just our physical health. It aids in keeping our minds healthy and in a time where there are a lot of people struggling with their mental health due to not seeing family or friends and not being able to get outside or socialise, they rely on physical activity more than ever. People who are vulnerable or in recovery for medical reasons, that perhaps cannot get out for a walk outside unaided, can also undertake these classes in the comfort of their own home.

The classes, which are provided by Marion Matheson, NHS Western Isles Health Improvement Practitioner, are all free to join and last approximately 45 minutes.

Classes, which are open to anyone living within the Outer Hebrides, are held each Monday from noon, each Tuesday from 2pm and each Wednesday from 4pm.

Marion, who is also trained in the MacMillan ‘Move More’ programme, said: “There are many benefits to taking part in the Gentle Movement class. This includes the improvement to balance, aiding sleeping patterns and soothing aches and pains as well as promoting mindfulness/relaxation.

“The classes can help someone who is recovering from medical treatment, or is inactive and provides benefits to those who may be feeling isolated during this time. We are also aware that the class has not only improved people’s mental and physical health, but has also established a support network and lasting friendships.”

“However, we also understand that getting to grips with the internet can be daunting for many, so would urge anyone who has any difficulties or concerns to contact me so we can test the connections beforehand.”

For further information, or if you would like to join this group, please contact Marion direct by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephoning: 01870 602588.