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Music phenomenon Peat & Diesel took to the streets last night (Thursday May 28)  in Stornoway, Parkend and surrounding areas to bring a little cheer to the lockdown population.

Constantly on the move on the back of a truck in a short procession of vehicles, they achieved social separation and a public music performance at the same time.

Their 90-minute show is available on their Facebook page - where they say:

"So!!!! We did it! It was a big risk and we were worried about getting into trouble but we felt Stornoway need this to happen!

"Just so the Police can rest easy we will not carry this out every week, it was a one-off and we have to thank you for being so understanding especially since we didn’t come to ask permission, we were too frightened in case it wouldn’t be allowed!!

"We were all safe behind barriers and a lot more than two metres apart and the people that stood outside their houses to cheer us on were all well behaved!

"Stornoway we are very proud of you and everyone has done so well during a very tough time and we hope when this is over that the community will come together more than they ever have before!"