A series of low passes by a large transporter plane caused a stir in Stornoway this afternoon (Thursday 21 May), as an RAF A400 M Atlas aircraft carried out a scheduled training sortie.

RAF Brize Norton, where the fleet is stationed, posted earlier to reassure onlookers that the aircraft is engaged in essential training around Stornoway and Prestwick airports.

They said: “These are necessary, routine flights and not connected with RAF support to the UK’s fight against Coronavirus.”

The Atlas is a large-capacity transporter plane capable of carrying up to 116 fully-equipped troops, vehicles and even a Chinook helicopter, or any mixed payload up to 37 tonnes in weight, over a distance of up to 2,000 miles.

Troops and goods can be dropped by parachute, but the aircraft can also land at remote locations on short, semi-prepared or unprepared airstrips.

The pictures are by Jonathan Maclean and Annabel Campbell.