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A major moor fire in Point closed the main road to traffic in both directions this afternoon (Thursday 7 May).

Police closed the Point road at Shulishader.

The electricity power supplies to 503 properties from Shulishader to Tiumpanhead were switched off after 5.30pm at the request of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for the safety of the firefighters.

Around 7.30pm, the police notified that the road was reopened and the power came back on shortly after 7pm.

The fire had been continuously shifting, driven across very dry grass and heather in brisk winds.

It was visible from across Broadbay from around 3pm and then moved out of sight as it spread across the moorland.

Local residents have taken pictures of fire burning across a wide front of moorland, while smoke is clearly visible from the Braighe and from the Tiumpanhead area.

Stornoway Coastguard helicopter overflew the area.

(Pictures Thomas Stewart)