This year’s Womens Cancer Challenge on 16 May has gone virtual – by popular demand from the people taking part.

Organisers offered participants a chance to register their opinion on what to do about the annual fundraiser, running an online poll on whether to cancel or go ahead with a virtual event.

“Go virtual” was the overwhelming response – by 84% of those who voted. So this year Cancer Research UK will benefit from 30 minutes of walking, running, cycling or indoor fitness – and even from those who want to just walk up and down the garden path.

The idea is that everyone chooses their own form of exercise, following the Scottish Government guidelines about social distancing and group sizes, and registers to participate on Saturday 16 May.

You’ll get a printable sign emailed to you to pin on your shirt, showing that you are taking part, and you’ll be asked to send a picture of you in action to post on the Women’s Cancer Challenge Facebook page at You can find all the details there, including how to register.

Organiser Tony Wade said: “Cancer Research UK is struggling like all the other charities because of a loss of income from the fundraising which is usually done. We hope we can do a little bit to keep some cash coming in to the amazing Lewis branch of CRUK.”