Homes across the Western Isles have become filled with rainbows, as children find their own creative ways to say thank you to the keyworkers and NHS staff who are working so hard during Coronavirus lockdown.

Children from Vatersay to Ness have been sharing their home images of rainbow-filled paintings, window art, chalk drawings and beach sculpture.

Ahead of tonight’s regular #clapfortheNHS session at 8pm (Thursday 23 April) we thought we’d share some of the colourful creations from around the islands.

Some have already appeared on the NHS Western Isles Facebook page and shops and businesses around the islands are welcoming the cheerful additions to their displays.

If you have a rainbow picture you’d like us to share, just get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll make sure your picture gets shown off too!

Pictured here: Murray and Cara produced this sunny chalk art – although it seems Murray did most of the work, while Cara tried to eat the chalk!


Youngsters from Action for Children in Stornoway brightened up the window of their own residential unit, Hillcrest, with the promise ‘Better days are coming’.


Katie and Thomas Macleod of Vatersay put their heart on the sand to say thanks to NHS workers – of whom their mum is one.


Sam and James Campbell put their rainbows in their window in Portvoller. Their granny is a key worker in a care home and they miss her terribly.


Sadie Hall made her rainbow pebble to say thanks to the NHS – her mum also works for NHS Western Isles.


Aidan Mackenzie (10) of Lochs brightens everyone’s day with his rainbow window.


Grace Nicolson is staying with her auntie in Newmarket, while her mum carries on working as an ambulance technician.


Gemma and Michelle spent a sunny day creating this tribute to all the keyworkers keeping things going.


And this sheep found that anything that stands still for too long is likely to get a rainbow painted on it!