The NHS on the Western Isles is facing a new challenge…finding the homes of clients in the communities across the Outer Hebrides.

The NHS say: "Over the coming weeks and months, a proportion of NHS staff who do not normally visit patients in their own homes to provide care or treatment, may require to be deployed into the community setting.

"We are aware in certain areas that addresses/croft numbers are not clearly visible from the road, and often cannot be accessed on satellite navigation systems.

"NHS Western Isles is therefore asking members of the public to ensure that their addresses (numbers/names, etc) are made as clear as possible on properties, gates, or walls, so that healthcare staff are able to find properties as quickly and easily as possible.

"This will help us to ensure that care and treatment can continue to be delivered in as quick a timescale as possible."

Another option is to use the address finder available from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

Making it obvious…numbers provided by Stornoway Media Centre