A long period of settled weather has helped salvage operators make good progress with the work of unloading cargo from the grounded cargo ship MV Kaami, according to the team overseeing the operation.

The Norwegian-owned cargo carrier went aground last month, during stormy weather and high seas, on rocks between the Isle of Lewis and Skye.

Salvage company Resolve and contractors have this week maintained continual traffic of small cargo vessels between the casualty vessel and Kishorn on the mainland, carrying her salvaged cargo of biodegradable fuel pellets.

Work to move the cargo is being directed from the deck of the landing craft Forth Guardsman, which has a deck-mounted long-reach crane and is ferrying the cargo between the cargo and the smaller carrier vessels.

On Monday (20 April) a further 22 skips of cargo were removed, bringing the total now taken off the grounded vessel to 160 skip-loads.

Yesterday (Tuesday 21 April) work continued to move cargo from the submerged inner holds to another area of the ship, allowing them to dry out before removal. Work to remove that part of the cargo will continue for several more days.

Divers are aboard the ship today (Wednesday) and have been able to access the hold of the Kaami to begin assessing internal damage.

Stephan Hennig, the Secretary of State’s Representative for Maritime Salvage and Intervention (SOSREP) said: “The weather forecast continues to look favourable until at least the weekend and good progress is being made.

“The next stage of the salvage will focus on continuing to assess the internal damage and attempting to temporarily repair damaged sections of the ship.”

Pictures show the cargo moved for drying to one end of the Kaami’s upper hold, salvage vessels alongside the Kaami during the removal of the cargo and the scene on the deck of the Forth Guardsman as unloading continues (MCA).