Stornoway has been the sunniest place in the UK for two consecutive days, with a hat trick in the offing as today (Sunday 19 April) also finishes sunny and bright.

And with a forecast of day-long sunshine tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday, it’s possible that we could be looking at something of a local record – although the UK’s highest temperature will be way out of our reach.

Met Office figures published daily on Twitter showed Stornoway with 13.6 hours of sunshine on Friday and 13.7 hours yesterday.

With daylight hours rapidly lengthening Stornoway could still see a further one or two days at the top of the chart – although competition from more northerly latitudes still has to be considered.

A spokesman for Western Isles Weather said: “This is often the best time of year for us in the islands, with clear sunny days quite usual, but in the current circumstances it’s especially welcome to have the chance to get outside in the garden and in the sunshine.”

The forecast is for unbroken sunshine and temperatures between 13 and 15 degrees for the early part of the week, although with winds freshening tomorrow afternoon.

Pictures show the Met Office tweeted statistics for Friday and Saturday and a view from NASA worldview of the Western Isles during today’s sunshine.