Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has demanded that the SNP must detail exactly how it is spending the £2.2 billion received from the UK Government to support businesses through the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Cameron, the Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary, said: “We keep hearing from senior SNP figures that its package of support for businesses is superior to the UK Government’s.

“But absolutely no evidence has been provided to back this up, and it is certainly not the message I am receiving from local businesses in the Highlands and Islands who simply can’t understand why the Scottish Government is diverging from the rest of the UK in some respects.

“So far, the only clarity we have is that firms in leisure, hospitality and retail with more than one property are being sold extremely short, which could have a very damaging impact on our local High Streets.”

“Ministers must detail exactly how it is spending this considerable package of support from the UK Government, and which areas are actually going to benefit from this.”

Both Nicola Sturgeon and finance secretary Kate Forbes have claimed their package of support is superior.  But so far no details have been released about where the cash is going.  Across Scotland, firms in retail, leisure and hospitality have hit out at SNP divergence which sees £25,000 emergency grants provided by business rather than by property.  They have warned this will consign companies with more than one premises to collapse, costing thousands of Scottish jobs in the process.