A sixth case of coronavirus has been confirmed on the Western Isles, the Scottish Government said today (Friday April 10)

It was Western Isles NHS which announced on Tuesday night that there was a fifth case on the Isle of Lewis. This was added to the official list yesterday.  It is not known where the sixth case lives. 

The total number of positive cases reported for Highland Region was 144 – 7 up on yesterday.

There are 43 cases shown for Shetland - just the same for the previous day.

There are still four cases in Orkney, the same as for several days.

A total of 28,652 Scottish tests have been concluded so far. Of these:

  • 5275 tests were positive. That's up 710 from yesterday, a rise of 15.6%.
  • In all, 2775 of the cases were in the Greater Glasgow, Clyde, Lanarkshire and Lothian areas - an increase of 170 since yesterday, up 6.5%

The latest national coronavirus figures were confirmed at 2.00pm today.

A total of 495 patients in Scotland who tested positive for coronavirus are now reported to have died, it was stated. 

That is 18 more than the previous day.

Nationally, there were 1585 Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) attendances, of which 508 were for suspected COVID-19.  SAS took 267 people to hospital with suspected COVID-19.

In all 687 people were affected by delays in hospital. This is 925 less than the baseline period (04/03 weekly return) and follows an initial target to reduce delays by 400 by the end of March. A further target of reducing by a further 500 has been set for the end of April. 

As of 9 April, a total of 8,363 staff, or around 5.0% of the NHS workforce, are reporting as absent due to a range of reasons related to Covid-19.

There is a new-style display of figures for the spread of the disease at