Contact us on 01851 705743 or

Although we are classed as a food business, we will stay closed.

You can order online or over the phone and get your tea shipped with Royal Mail

We will ship on Tuesday and Friday

Pickup from the shop is possible on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm only.

We will pack your tea in a paperbag and will hand it over contactless. The pickup area as will be regularly

sanitized as will the rest of our packing and selling area.

Thank you all for your understanding.

We will get through this!!!!


How to order online

Please go to our website during the checkout you can choose "local pickup" which is of course free of charge. If you can't come to the shop in person, we will post your items as long as the Royal Mail is working

How to order over the phone
Please use our FREEphone number 0800 228 9294 If I can't pick it up directly, then please leave your name and a contact number so that I can phone back. The answering machine on this number is great and I will always be notified.
Once I have taken your order you can choose local pickup or posting with Royal Mail

Whatever you do, please do not come to the shop when there is a chance that yourself or anyone close to you is infected or might be infected.
Please keep me safe, as I am one of the people at risk. Thank you!
21/03/2020 Sabine Weiten