FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND (CONTINUING) Free Presbytery of the Outer Hebrides

Public Statement

The Presbytery met by teleconference earlier today (Tuesday March 24th) to consider the effect on public worship of the coronavirus.

Following discussion it was agreed that the Presbytery issue the following public statement:

“Presbytery, recognising the seriousness of the present health crisis and the legitimate remit of the civil government in matters of public health, unanimously commend the latest government guidance on public gatherings to the Kirk Sessions of our Presbytery, and therefore strongly recommend that Kirk Sessions suspend all public gatherings.

"Presbytery do so, conscious that public worship is properly a matter for the courts of Christ’s church.

"Our prayer is that the government would be given much wisdom and grace to deal with this pandemic, and we as a Presbytery will do all in our power to aid all in our congregations and the wider community at this most difficult time.”

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