The following planning applications are pending consideration by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar. 

All information and accompanying documents are publicly available on the CnES website

Repositioning of the existing feed barge, Lochs

The Scottish Salmon Company has applied for planning permission to re-position the existing feed barge at Marine Site Mol Na Ceanamhoir Fish Farm, Loch Odhairn, Gravir, Lochs. 

New agricultural building, Lochs

Donnie Macleod of Crosswinds, Garyvard, has applied for planning permission to erect an agricultural building at 9 Garyvard Lochs. Work is to include creating an access.The building is to be 13.7 metres long, 6 metres wide and 3.8 metres tall. 

Change of use of land, Lochs

Alex Healey of Mo Dhachaidh, Cleascro Road, Leurbost, Lochs, has applied for planning permission to change the of use of the agricultural land at 1 Cleascro Road, Leurbost, Lochs, to extend the curtilage of the existing dwelling.