In order to provide the best possible service to the tens of thousands of readers and users of this site during the coronavirus emergency we have made a number of changes.

Given that everything public and social is cancelled, we have replaced What's On with a dedicated Covid-19 section - accessed from the top and also the left of this page.  This contains all the long-running information needed to help people through this crisis.

In addition, we have launched a special Our Eye On The World section with a series of blogs and articles – which will come from our network of correspondents throughout the world - including Viet Nam, France, Spain, Greece and the USA. 

And any information which you want to share with us…email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition, we are increasingly working from home…and access to our office in James Street will be restricted still further from tomorrow (Monday March 23)

Please call 01851 705743 if you need to contact us and please note that you may be asked to give your number so we can ring you back rather than having to pass handsets from one person to another or because the staff member required is now working from home. 

And please bear in mind that our staff are under extreme personal and professional pressure and as we are entirely self-financing and that our income comes almost entirely from advertising, if you have anything at all that you want to pay us to advertise, please call immediately…all payments are now electronic and upfront.