A new club is being formed for lovers of good whisky, with the idea of sharing and celebrating the best of the drams.

The club’s been set up by a new arrival in the islands, former whisky visitor centre manager Jim Allan.

Jim’s been retired a few years from his former post as operational manager at the Scotch Whisky Experience on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. He moved to Stornoway after his wife found work with NHS Western Isles – and the first thing he did was to look around for a whisky club.

To Jim’s surprise the Western Isles doesn’t yet have such a club, so he’s set out to change that. He’s formed a Facebook group called The Western Isles Whisky Club, which has already attracted more than 20 members.

The page is introduced as: “a new informal page for whisky enthusiasts across the Western Isles to come together to arrange and publicise tastings, discuss and share all things whisky related and support local businesses.

“It's meant to be fun, but also a forum to share our experiences, opinions and whisky news. The Western Isles Whisky Club was conceived and created by island whisky enthusiasts and is a completely independent, unofficial page not run by any distillery, distiller or commercial concern.”

Jim said: “My first plan is to get an initial meeting together to form the group and make plans for how it could work. I’m looking for licensed premises where we can hold the meetings and hoping that we could have monthly tastings.

“The first meeting will be a freebie on me, with four different single malts to try. They will most likely be Scottish as I always go back to Scotch whisky, although I do have contacts at a distillery in Tasmania.”

You can find out more about the new club at their page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/235861180743315/ 

The picture shows Jim Allan (left) at the Lagavulin distillery in Islay with warehouseman Wee Iain, commonly known as Pinkie.