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Pamela Macaskill first heard about her Postcode Lottery win when her daughter's phone started receiving notifications.

"She said: 'Mum, do we do the Postcode Lottery?' and I said: 'Yes...'

"Then I went to check my direct debit to make sure we definitely did enter it!"

Pamela, who lives on Berneray and has family connections to Lewis, went on to find she had won just over £193,000 as did fellow islander Sharon MacKillop.

In total, 101 islanders in North Uist and Berneray shared the £3 million lottery as part of the January Postcode Millions. The 80 players with one ticket won £21,425 each, and 15 winners doubled their prize to £42,850 each thanks to playing with two tickets. Four winners with three tickets each tripled their prize to £64,275.

Pamela, who works Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre, says she plans to keep on working. "I told them: 'You're not getting rid of me that easily!'" she laughs.  "I haven't got a clue what I'll spend the money on. When you're not used to having that much, you don't really know what to do with it. I do love a good holiday though..."

Pamela has been entering the Postcode Lottery since the lottery's early days. "I remember a big buzz when it initially started, and I signed up – as it supports a lot of good causes. But I never in a million years thought I would win anything.

"When the news started to break, there was an amazing atmosphere. So many families in North Uist knew they were getting something. The community spirit we have here is phenomenal.

"We all gathered in Carinish Hall and it was like a huge party atmosphere there!"

Danyl Johnson, a People's Postcode Lottery ambassador and a former X Factor star, presented cheques to the winners at Carinish Village Hall on Friday 31 January.

Initially, entrants were told they would receive a minimum of £10,000. Excitement started to grow as various residents received cheques for even more than that. "Then we got to the last few letters of the winning postcode and they gave us cheques for £193,000," reveals Pamela. "Everyone here is so unassuming and works so hard – often with a minimum of one job – so is this a massive boost for so many in the community."

Pamela's fellow big-winner, Sharon MacKillop, was left speechless on stage after finding out she'd won £193,055. After taking a few moments to think about what she could do with her winnings she said: "I'm going to take my husband out for dinner!"

Sharon was also thrilled for her friends and neighbours in the area. She said: "We all know everyone here. It's lovely that it's not isolated, it's a lot of people in the community that have gotten a substantial sum of money."

Event host, Danyl, commented: "It's certainly been a day to remember in North Uist. We've had prizes in big cities and small villages all over the country, but we've never been to a place quite like this before. The views here are stunning and everyone has been so friendly, you can really feel the sense of community here.

"I am thrilled for all our winners and I know that this prize will not only benefit them, but will have a huge positive impact on everyone on the islands."