If you took down your Christmas tree on Twelfth Night yesterday (Monday January 6th) and are still wondering what to do with it, Callanish alpacas have come up with a novel idea for real-tree recycling.
They’ve learnt that crunchy needles from real trees go down a treat with alpacas, and are offering a really green recycling option to anyone still searching for ways to get rid of their tree.
The idea came when a supporter of the Callanish flock spotted a similar story about a flock of alpacas at Ashbourne in Derbyshire, reported by BBC Radio Derby. (You can view the video here)
Now an appeal to islanders to bring their Christmas trees to Callanish has been answered by several followers of the flock, with promises of trees to come and the revelation that the Callanish goats Ghia, Peanut and Honey might also be prepared to share in the snacks.
Alpaca herd owner Clare said: “If anybody is looking to recycle their Christmas trees then we'd gladly accept them at Callanish Alpacas, as it seems that they're irresistible to our fleecy friends.”
And she told told welovestornoway.com: “We’ve already had a few offers of trees and we are happy to take any real pine trees that are donated. I may have to hand them out gradually to make sure no-one gets indigestion, but the lady who gave us our
goats told us they also like to nibble on pine trees, so I don’t think anything will go to waste!”
Callanish Alpacas is at 20 Callanish, on the A858 100 yards past the main Callanish Stones turn-off.
The pictures show Callanish herd joker Petra in her festive finery and some of the Derbyshire alpacas tucking into their post-Christmas feast.