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Right now too many people with advanced dementia are not getting the health care support they need, says Alzheimer Scotland

The Fair Dementia Care Commission, established by Alzheimer Scotland, published the 'Delivering Fair Dementia Care For People With Advanced Dementia' report.

The report sets out a firm definition for advanced dementia for the first time. It also identifies the inequality people living with advanced dementia face in terms of access to health care.

It sets out the following recommendations:
    •    That the Commission definition of advanced dementia is used and implemented in practice
    •    That advanced dementia is recognised as a continuum which includes but is not confined to end of life and dying
    •    That the Scottish Government commits to recognising that the needs of people with advanced dementia are health care needs and ensure equality of access to appropriate health and nursing care, which is free at the point of delivery
    •    That the Scottish Government commits to investigating the costs of implementing appropriate and free health care for those living, and dying, with advanced dementia
    •    That the Scottish Government, COSLA and Integration Joint Boards commit to ending the current lack of transparency, complexity and variability in current non-residential care charging provisions across Scotland
    •    That the recording of dementia (including advanced dementia) prevalence across all health and social care settings is urgently required to support better understanding of demand, allocation of resources and improved care and support
    •    That all local authorities/health and social care partnerships make local charging policies accessible and readily available The following video clip shares with you the importance of achieving the above recommendations.

Are you interested in finding out more about the Alzheimer Scotland Fair dementia care campaign?

Marion MacInnes, Locality Leader, Western Isles, Alzheimer Scotland, says: "It is an issue I am sure that is very important and of great interest to many people in the local area."

There is an event planned for Monday 4th November, 12-2pm (with light refreshments), Dementia Resource Centre, 18 Bells Road, Stornoway, HS1 2RA

The format of the event will incliuding showing the video clip below in full 

This is to be followed by a discussion, recording any feedback/issues and access to hard copies of the report.

Marion says: "Hope to see you there. If you are interested in finding out more about the recently published Fair Dementia Care report, background information is below.