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The number of family planning clinics NHS Western Isles is offering to access contraception and family planning services has recently been increased.

Three clinics are now available on a weekly basis at the Western Isles Hospital (Monday 2pm-5pm, Wednesday 9am-1pm and Thursday 9am-1pm) and individuals can simply book their appointment by telephoning 01851 708035 to obtain information, support and access to family planning services.

Clinics will be held by the Consultant Gynaecologist and although aimed at supporting access to Long Term Acting Reversible (LARC) forms of contraception – the most effectiveform for family planning and for women who wish to space their pregnancies - other forms of contraception will be available to suit individual needs.

Individuals are reminded that family planning and sexual health appointments can also be booked at any GP Practice, even if it is not at their own regular GP Practice.​  Free condoms and lubricant gel are also provided by NHS Western Isles and are available from a number of locations which include:

  • GP Surgeries throughout the Western Isles
  • Health Information & Resources Service (HIRS)
  • Pointers Youth Cafe
  • Health Promotion (Stornoway and Benbecula)