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Today (Thursday September 12) saw the official unveiling by Scottish Water of their high tech drinking water tap – a modern day water fountain – outside An Lanntair's building in central Stornoway.

As part of Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign, the Stornoway tap is the twelfth to be installed so far, with a total of 70 planned to appear across Scotland over the next 18 months.

The whole aim of this campaign is to highlight the vital role water plays in the lives of people across Scotland.

The taps offer passers-by the perfect pit stop to refill reusable water bottles water.

Filling up directly from the tap, rather than buying bottled water, is not only good for customers health, but comes with the added benefit of being good for their pocket and the environment. 

"We are delighted to be launching one in Stornoway," they said.

Present for the event were some pupils from Back Primary School, members of the band Peat & Diesel, CEO Elly Fletcher as a representative for An Lanntair , Councillor Iain Macaulay from CnES and some of Scottish Water's own staff.