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Staff at Stornoway police station were faced with an unusual problem on Saturday afternoon (September 7th) – trying to find someone who likes chocolate!

A large number of chocolate bars were found on Lewis Street, outside Bain Morrison/Buildbase at 11.55am on Saturday. They are all one brand and were not in a box or bag.

The unusual lost property was handed over the desk at Stornoway Police Station and left Christine Macleod, who handles the lost property record, scratching her head, but determined to find the owner.

Christine has a talent for reuniting owners with their property, having recently got a wedding ring back to its owner after it was lost on a beach. She told “I have ways and means, but this one is puzzling.”

If you think the chocolate is yours and can describe it fully, contact Stornoway Police on the non-emergency number 101, or call into Stornoway police station.

Meantime it will be kept with the glasses, phones and key-rings which are more usually handed in. The chocolate will be kept for two months and then donated to a local charity if not claimed.