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Seaweed harvested in the Isle of Lewis is to be distributed across Europe as part of a deal negotiated by a Newcastle-based company.

The Brexit-beating deal signed by Seaweed & Co will supply processed organic Hebridean ascophyllum seaweed in powdered form from their PureSea range.

The ingredient is used as a salt replacement, flavour-booster and nutritional enhancement for the food industry and is a good natural source of iodine. Research also shows potential for weight and blood sugar management and sports nutrition using one of the three products in the range as part of food and drink products.

The distribution deal with Univar Solutions will see it supplied to countries including France, Germany and Denmark and should not, according to company director Craig Rose, be affected by Brexit. Deals are already signed for distribution to the US and Canada, Australia and South Korea.

Seaweed & Co is supplied by Arnish-based Hebridean Seaweed Company, who currently employ 15 people and are expanding in new premises.

Seaweed-infused oils by Seaweed & Co are already sold in Sinsbury’s supermarkets under the brand name Weed & Wonderful.

Pictures show Hebridean seaweed in its raw state, processed at Arnish and the finished product to be exported by Seaweed & Co.