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Several thousand people had fun in the sun at the Lewis Carnival yesterday (Saturday August 4th) as the sunny warm weather brought huge crowds out on to the streets - and gave what many described as a Mediterranean-feel to the centre of town.

There was constant activity and entertainment extending from the inaugural Carnival Food and Drink Festival on the old Bus Station site through the market and performances in Perceval Square to the Town Hall where there were street performances by Pipe Bands from Lewis and Tasmania and where the Leanne Fund filled the Town Hall with cakes.

There was a huge parade of floats from Willowglen Road through to South Beach with hundreds of people praising the work of the many groups involved. The Carnival Food and Drink Festival - sponsored by the Scottish Salmon Company - kept busy throughout the day - as did the Carnival Market - apart from when the crowds thronged to the edges of Cromwell Street and North Beach to welcome the parade, led by the Pipe Bands. The parade set off at just after 1pm from Willowglen Road and reached the town centre finally at just after 2pm.

And the fun went on into the evening as the Carnival Ceilidh took place in the Town Hall and the Funfair continued on North Beach car park.

On Facebook Page, the inaugural Lewis Carnival Food and Drink Festival came in for particular praise.

Catherine Murray said; "Fantastic idea and much more apt than European market! Well done Carnival organisers! Perfect touch!"

And Pat Macaskill said the idea was "Great, long overdue when we have such lovely local produce."