At its Annual General Meeting on Saturday 25 May 2019, the Western Isles Constituency Labour Party (CLP) unanimously passed a motion to publicly support a confirmatory public vote on any Brexit deal, with a clear option to remain in the EU to appear on the ballot paper.

Whilst recognising that the Labour Party has been at the forefront of preventing a damaging Tory Brexit, Members recognised that the Party’s lack of clarity over Brexit, in comparison to other parties, is confusing to voters.

CLP Chairperson and Westminster candidate, Alison MacCorquodale said “the Labour leadership has been trying to reach a compromise in the Brexit negotiations. 

"However, with growing public support for a confirmatory vote it is vital that the Party learn quickly from the disastrous results of the European Elections; fully embrace a further public vote and work to defeat the Tories who would have us crash out of Europe with a No Deal Brexit.”