Vandalism at former RAF buildings means that Stornoway airport management are now thinking of fencing around the perimeter of the buildings to keep people safe.

Police were called yesterday (Monday May 27th) after the smashed windows and a broken wooden gate were discovered at the former RAF accommodation block, across the road from homes at Branahuie.

The damage is thought to have been caused by local youths, breaking windows to gain access to the disused buildings. A spokesman for Stornoway airport said it was just the latest in a series of incidents involving disused buildings on the airport grounds.

Stornoway police said the most recent damage happened some time between Tuesday 21st and Friday 24th May. The damage itself is valued at £300, but it has left the buildings in a structurally unsafe state.

The airport is now getting quotes from contractors to fence round the perimeter of the buildings in the hope of deterring youths from getting in again. Police have urged parents to be aware and to warn their children of the possible danger if they try to get into the buildings.

Anyone who has information, or who saw or heard anything untoward in the area over the relevant period, is asked to contact police on the non-emergency number, 101.