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Stornoway cult band Peat ‘n’ Diesel created a stir yesterday (Saturday February 23rd) when they offered townsfolk a free gig – on the Manor roundabout.

The band – frontman Calum ‘Boydie’ Macleod, drummer Uilleam Macleod and accordionist Innes G Scott – have already been booked for the EDF Festival in Benbecula for the second year in a row, alongside the Vatersay Boys and the Carloways.

Their single ‘Salt and Pepper’ hit number one on the iTunes world music charts just before Christmas.

With unique tracks like ‘Yes a’bhalaich’ and ‘Rud Beag’, Peat & Diesel have captured something about the Isle of Lewis that no-one else has ever quite achieved, as summed up by drummer Uilleam while sharing a tweet from Isles MP Angus MacNeil.

He said: “Just a normal run of the mill Saturday....getting caught by the MP misbehaving on the roundabout #thatsthewaywedoitinthewesternisles


Pictures show MP Angus MacNeil’s celebrity-spotting tweet