Lewis stargazers were lucky to have intermittent clear skies during a spectacular lunar event in the early hours of this morning (Monday January 21st).

But though most of those who saw part of the so-called ‘super blood wolf moon’ limited their view to a quick peep between the curtains in the early hours, dedicated photographers were up early making sure they got their snaps.

Emma Rennie of Callanish claims she was ‘running on lack of sleep and caffeine’ when she caught her image of the blood moon emerging from the shadow of the earth. She also caught a nice snap as the clouds raced in for today’s rainy weather, with the full moon peeping out behind the stones at Callanish.

Meanwhile John Dyer was awake to capture the moon emerging from a state of total eclipse in the skies above Stornoway at around 4.15am. One of John’s other pictures was also used as the image on the BBC TV weather forecast.

January’s full moon is traditionally known as the ‘wolf moon’ and this morning the full moon was fully aligned with the earth and the sun, so that the shadow of the earth obscured the moon for a short time to create a total eclipse. The red of the ‘blood moon’ is caused by small amounts of light bleeding around the shadow, lighting the moon just enough for us to see it.

Pictures by Emma Rennie and John Dyer.